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Committee of Safety, New Hampshire



The Committee of Saftey was empowered and directed in the recess of the Provincial Congress to take into consideration all matters in which the welfare of the Province in the security of its rights was concerned except the appointment of field officers, and to take the utmost care that the public sustained no harm. It was to carry out in whatever way it saw fit, those plans which the Congress had not intrusted to others; if any exigency required immediate attention, such as marching troops to repel an invasion, or directing the movements of the militia, either within or without the Province, or making use of any special opportunity for securing military stores or important posts, or preventing them from falling into the enemy’s hands, the Committee was to take the most prudent and effectual methods to accomplish these or similar results. It was empowered to apply to the Committee of Supplies for the necessary stores, provisions, etc. It was thus an executive body for the Colony with large discretionary powers.

Found in 4 Collections and/or Records:

Committee of Safety Meeting

Identifier: Mss 780120
Mss 780120
Date(s): 1780-01-20
Scope and Contents Committee of Safety Meeting Voted to raise two companies of men each of sixty men. Voted to stop all transportation of grain until no danger from enemy; to raise 500 minute men and a large scouting party, giving proportion of minute men and scouting party due from Bath, Haverhill, Newbury, Moretown, Piermont, Lyme, Orford, Strafford, Norwich, Hanover, Dresden, Lebanon, Harrford and Royalton. Committees appointed and officers elected. Capt. Bush, Lt. James Tickner and 2nd. Lt. Calvin...

Committee of Safety notice

Identifier: Mss 776612
Mss 776612
Date(s): 1776-11-12
Scope and Contents

Committee of Safety, Fishkill, New York. Notice that committees from each county not in possession of enemy meet immidiately to frame system of government, signed John Mc Kesson.

New Hampshire. Committee of Safety directive

Identifier: Mss 778454
Mss 778454
Date(s): 1778-08-04
Scope and Contents

New Hampshire Committee of Safety directing Simeon Ladd to liberate Joshua Jenness from gaol and order him to join his regiment.

New Hampshire Committee of Safety letter

Identifier: Mss 779206
Mss 779206
Date(s): 1779-03-06
Scope and Contents

Letter from the New Hampshire.Committee of Safety, to Nicholas Gilman, ordering Gilman to pay Zichariah (!) Fowle's bill for printing for the state.

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