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Oneida Indians



The Oneida are a Native American tribe and First Nations band. They are one of the five founding nations of the Iroquois Confederacy in the area of upstate New York, particularly near the Great Lakes.

Originally the Oneida inhabited the area that later became central New York, particularly around Oneida Lake and Oneida County. Today the Oneida have four nationally recognized nations: Oneida Indian Nation in New York, an Oneida Nation, in and around Green Bay, Wisconsin in the United States; and two in Ontario, Canada: Oneida at Six Nations of the Grand River and Oneida Nation of the Thames in Southwold.

Found in 3 Collections and/or Records:

Oneida Indians letter

Identifier: Mss 793277
Mss 793277
Date(s): 1793-04-27
Scope and Contents

Letter from the Oneida Indians to The Boston Board announcing their satisfaction at the establishment of Hamilton Academy.

Oneida Indians letter

Identifier: Mss 795425
Mss 795425
Date(s): 1795-07-25
Scope and Contents

Letter from the Oneida Indians from Oneida to Boston Board complaining that their former letter has not been answered. Kirkland neglects them. Signed with marks by 4 indians.

Peter Thacher letter

Identifier: Mss 794275
Mss 794275
Date(s): 1794-04-25
Scope and Contents

Letter from Peter Thacher to The Oneida Indians, informing them that the Board has sent their letter about Kirkland to him.

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