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U.S. Army, 11th Regiment



Under the authority granted the President by the Act of 16 July 1798, to raise twelve additional regiments of infantry, the first 11th Infantry came into existence in the Army of the United States in January 1799, with Aaron Ogden as Lieutenant Colonel Commandant. It was raised for the "Quasi-War" with France but saw no war service. The Act of 20 February 1800, suspended enlistments for the new regiments. The Act of 14 May 1800, authorized the president to discharge them, and under this authority the 11th Infantry was disbanded 15 June 1800. The second[1][2] 11th U.S. regiment of infantry was organized on 11 January 1812 when the Congress authorized a strengthening of the Regular Army in preparation for the threatening conflict that became known as the War of 1812. During the summer little was done in Vermont beyond organizing the 11th infantry, which seems to have consisted originally of six companies from Vermont and four from New Hampshire. The army gathered at Plattsburgh, New York, numbering about eight thousand men, of whom nearly one half were Vermonters. Among them was the 11th regiment of regulars under Col. Isaac Clark (12 March 1812 to 27 April 1814).

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U.S. Army 11th Regiment muster

Identifier: Mss 813264.1
Mss 813264.1
Date(s): 1813-04-14
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