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A.T. Gifford (Schooner)


The A. T. Gifford was the last American schooner-rigged whaleship to cruise Hudson Bay. It caught fire and sank in late 1915. Although the captain and a few of his crew escaped the wreck, none survived the disaster.

James Allen Wing (1851-1925) was the third captain of the A.T. Gifford. The son of whaling captain Andrew Wing of Acushnet, Massachusetts, he had sailed on whaleships since the age of eleven, before moving in the early 1890s from New Bedford to California to follow the profits of the whaling trade. In California he became master of the bark Sea Breeze, the steamer Karluk, and the C. T. Walker, plying the western Arctic waters for whales, and was part of the "ice catch" of 1898 in which eight whalers were trapped in the ice off the coast of Alaska.

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A.T. Gifford (Schooner) logbook

Stefansson Mss-22
Identifier: Mss-22
Overview T.A. Gifford, whaller. Consist of a record of a whaling voyage from Stanford, Conn. to Hudson Bay under the command James Allen Wing Wing, Master.