United States. Army Signal Corps

United States. Army Signal Corps



United States Army Signal Corps. In 1903, CS "Burnside" laid a cable between Sitka and Juneau of 291 nm, and in 1904, between Sitka and Seattle, 1070 nm, and Sitka and Valdez, 640 nm. These cables and the one laid in 1900 were operated by the US Army Signals Corps, for the Washington - Alaska Military Cable and Telegraph System (WAMCATS), authorized by an Act of Congress on the 29th May 1900. A. W. Greely, as Chief Signal Officer, U.S. Army, was in charge of the project. James Allen was the officer in charge of cable operations; Edgar Russel was his assistant.

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United States Army Signal Corps scrapbook

Stefansson Mss-147
Identifier: Mss-147
Date(s): 1903 to 1904

United States Army Signal Corps. Consist of a scrapbook with reports, observations, specification, blueprints, logs and other data related to the laying of submarine cable for telegraph operations of the Alaska coast.