Drury, Herbert Rentschler, 1929-2011

Drury, Herbert Rentschler, 1929-2011



  • Existence: 1929 - 2011


Herbert R. Drury was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1929. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1952, and earned Masters' degrees in Conservation from the University of Michigan in 1955, and Botany/Zoology from the State University of South Dakota in 1959. He was a member of four expeditions to Arctic Canada and Greenland from 1952-1960. His first expedition to Greenland came in 1952, as a member of of the U.S. Weather Bureau Polar Operations. In 1954, he became a member of John Teal's musk ox capturing expedition to Greenland. The purpose of the expedition was to capture musk oxen to determine their suitability for domestication as a boon for impoverished Eskimos and other natives of the Arctic tundra and coastlines. Drury also participated in Operation "Mint Julep" (Investigation of Smooth Ice Areas of the Greenland Ice Cap) in 1953, and Project "Cold Deck" for CRREL in 1960. From 1957 to 1977, Drury worked as a biology and general science teacher in New England before moving to Colorado in 1982. In Colorado he worked as a ski instructor and a trout fishing guide among other things. Drury was the author of New Hampshire trout fisheries reports, school nature preserve development articles and articles detailing the story of the musk ox wool industry in Alaska. He was also on the editorial staff of the journal "Polar Times." Drury died in 2011.

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Herbert Drury papers

Stefansson Mss-80
Identifier: Mss-80
Date(s): 1931 to 2010

Herbert R. Drury (1929-2011), educator. Dartmouth College Class of 1952. Consist of materials related to Drury's work and interest in the arctic. Includes papers on 1950's projects "Mint Julep", "Cold Deck," and Camp Century. Also contains documentation on attempts to introduce and domesticate Musk Ox.