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Wentworth, Benning, 1696-1770



  • Existence: 1696 - 1770


Benning Wentworth was the colonial governor of New Hampshire from 1741 to 1766.

Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

Benning Wentworth appointment of Moses Burnham

Identifier: Mss 755104
Mss 755104
Date(s): 1755-01-04
Scope and Contents

Handwritten letter, signed by Benning Wentworth, who served as surveyor general of His Majesty's woods in North America. Wentworth appoints Burnham to mark and seize, for the Crown, white pines and other timber in Connecticut.

Benning Wentworth Commission

Identifier: Mss 727358
Mss 727358
Date(s): 1727-06-08
Scope and Contents

Benning Wentworth commission appointing Henry Sherburn a justice in the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for the term. Sherburn later became Chief Justice of the Superior Court from 1732-1742. Includes an engraving of John Wentworth.

Benning Wentworth letter

Identifier: Mss 755105
Mss 755105
Date(s): 1755-01-05
Scope and Contents

Three page letter signed by Benning Wentworth, in his capacity as surveyor general of His Majesty's woods in North America, informing Seymour that he has appointed Moses Burnham to replace a Mr. Blake as deputy surveyor in Connecticut

Charter of the town of Lebanon, NH

Identifier: Mss 761404.4
Mss 761404.4
Date(s): 1761-07-04
Scope and Contents

George III royal charter,(copy dated April 7, 1800) executed by the provincial governor of New Hampshire incorporating the township of Lebanon. Original document signed by Benning Wentworth, governor and witnessed by Theodore Atkinson, secretary of the Council. On verso, in handwriting, list of proprietors and map of township.

Charter of the town of Plainfield, New Hampshire

Identifier: Mss 761464
Mss 761464
Date(s): 1761-08-14
Scope and Contents

Facsimile of the charter of the town of Plainfield, New Hampshire granted to Benjamin Hutchinson and others. Reproduced from the original Book of Charters in the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Chiswick, NH Charter

Identifier: Mss 764617
Mss 764617
Date(s): 1764-11-17
Scope and Contents

Charter and plan of Chiswick, New Hampshire. Samuel Sparhawk, Secretry of State, certifies that the forgoing charter and plans are true copies from the charter records, December 31, 1813. Original signed by Benning Wentworth, governor of the New Hampshire Colony. Included is a list of the grantees of Chiswick, New Hampshire.

Dryden, NH Charter

Identifier: Mss 762376.1
Mss 762376.1
Date(s): 1762-06-26
Scope and Contents

Charter for the incorporation of the town of Dryden, New Hampshire. The proprietors of the town did not fulfill conditions of the charter and the land reverted to the Crown. It was re-granted in 1770 to the proprietors of Colebrook.

Grant of the township of Peeling, New Hampshire

Identifier: Mss 763523
Mss 763523
Date(s): 1763-09-23
Scope and Contents

The grant of the township of Peeling, New Hampshire, signed by governor Benning Wentworth and Theodore Atkinson, Jun. Secretary. Joshua Wingate appointed moderator of first town meeting. Includes the names of the grantees. Certified October 10, 1806 by Philip Carrigain, Secretary to be a true copy.

James Gilmore commission

Identifier: Mss 764307
Mss 764307
Date(s): 1764-05-07
Scope and Contents

New Hampshire Colony Governor Benning Wentworth appoints James Gillmore [Gilmore] as an ensign of the 7th Company, 8th Regiment of the New Hampshire militia. Photocopy. Original signed by Benning Wentworth.

Joseph Storrs and Edmund Freeman notice

Identifier: Mss 760660
Mss 760660
Date(s): 1760-12-06

In English.

Nathaniel Meserve memorial

Identifier: mss 747900.1
mss 747900.1
Date(s): 1747
Scope and Contents

Fragment of a memorial addressed to Governor Wentworth concerning troop movements.

New Hampshire Court of Common Pleas writ

Identifier: Mss 734408
Mss 734408
Date(s): 1734-07-08
Scope and Contents

Writ of attachment ordering the attachment of goods of Arthur Scudder by the sheriff in favor of debts owed to Benning Wentworth.

New Hampshire ferry charter

Identifier: Mss 775203
Mss 775203
Date(s): 1775-03-03
Scope and Contents

Two-page charter from New Hampshire governor Benning Wentworth in Portsmouth to William Simpson of Plymouth, granting him the sole right to keep a ferry crossing the Connecticut River at Orford, New Hampshire.

Sir William Pepperell letter

Identifier: Mss 756481
Mss 756481
Date(s): 1756-08-31
Scope and Contents

Letter from Sir William Pepperrell of Kittery to Governor Benning Wentworth confirming report from Captain William Williams from Oswego that a number of neutrals passed through the province and that every part of the county is exposed to the enemy.

Surveyor General letter to Thomas Seymour

Identifier: Mss 756210
Mss 756210
Date(s): 1756-03-10
Scope and Contents

Four page letter signed by Benning Wentworth, in his capacity as surveyor general of His Majesty's woods in America, concerning the office of deputy surveyor in Connecticut. Specifically, Wentworth discusses a case involving Mr. Blake, the deputy surveyor, in the court of vice admiralty.

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