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Correspondence Books: Carbons, Vol.1: Acme Sign Service; Randolph Adams; Literary Agents; Allis ..., 1937 - 1943

 Box: 46
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Carbons, Vol.1: Acme Sign Service; Randolph Adams; Literary Agents; Allis Chalmers; America; American First Committee; American Academy of Arts and Letters re. loaning manuscripts to them; American Antiquarian Society; American Kennel Club, re. Taffy; Re. Anchovy Sauce; Angus & Robertson (Australia); Brook Anspach; Re. Benidict Arnold; Aquarium Stock Company; Associated Press, Boston; J. Sanger Attwill; Stanley B. Attwood; Re. Audubon Prints; Author's League re. "Captain Caution"; Autograph seekers; Oscar Badger; Re. Baffle; Herbert L. Baldwin; Howard Baldwin; Barclay's Bank (London); Re. Bass; P. Allen Beach; Re. L.L. Bean; Charles A. Beard; Richard A. Berenson; Romeyn Berry; Ralph Billings; Re. Birdsfoot Trefoil; Sam Blythe; C.K. Bolton; Alice D. Bond; Louis Boochever; Boston Herald (W.G. Gavin); Boston Public Library (Milton Lord); Bowdoin Alumnus; Ella S. Bowles; Julian P. Boyd; Harold Braun; Re. Brigs; British Society of Authors; Hamp Bryant; "Buddy," re. use of word during Revolution; Carl Burger; Garnet Burlingame; Bussey Pen Products Co.; Butterfield Bank of N.T. (Bermuda); Johnson Cactus Garden; Arthur Calder; Erskine Caldwell; Mildred Campbell; "Captain Caution," Hal Roach offer; Bennett Cerf, re. "Arundel" for Modern Library Series; Walter Channing; Sonia K. Chapter; Constance Charters; Re. Chase property; Robert B. Choate; Robert B, Choate, re. Alice Bond; Sister Choate; Re. Citizens Emergency Committee; Clara Claasen; William Bell Clark; "Colliers" (Max Wilkinson); W.A.R. Collins; Committee to Defend America; Gregory P. Connolly; List of foreign contracts; George H. Corey; Cornell, re. football songs Ken wrote; Thomas Costain; Frank I. Cowan; Wingate Cram; E.H. Crawford; Bing Crosby; Re. Robert Currier; Curtis Brown; Re. Dartmoor Prison records; Davey Tree Expert Company; Elrick B. Davis; Walter G. Davis; Charles Dawes; Nelson Doubleday; Re. Joy Dow; Henry Dreer, re. Order for plants; Re. ducks; Re. carved eagles; Dr. Harry East, re. Diet; Edwards and Walker; R.L. Eichelberger; Eli Lilly Company (Dr. Page); Re. use of term "Episcopal"; Essex Institute; Charles Ewing; Faber; Falmouth Publishing House (Portland); Fan Letters; Eliot Farley; Edward H. Faulkner; Re. Fences; Re. Fiddleheads; Re. Fish; Fish and Wildlife Service (Dept. of the Interior); Re. Fort Ticonderoga; Ernest Freeman; A.N. Frost (Seashore Company); Joseph Gainard; Lewis Gannett, re. OW; Re. Geese; Re. Arthur Gibbs; Re. Golf Balls; Re. "Goose tounges"; "; Re. Grease trap; Ferris, Greenslet; Re. Grinder; Gump's; Robert Hale; A.R. Hales; Geoffrey, re. Collins; David J. Harkness; Mrs. Walter Hartwig; Re. Hay; Frank Henry; Lem Hodgkins; Edward Holland; Re. Ernest Martin Hopkins; Re. Hot Buttered Rum; Rupert Hughes; Re. Income tax (Kenefick); Invitations; Hugh S. Johnson; Re. Major Johnson; Malcolm Johnson; Henry Jordan; Re. Kennebunkport; Isaiah Kelley; Fred C. Kelly; Kennebunk Ration Board; Mable Kent; Frank King; Eli Lawson; George E. Lawrence; Tobias Lear, re. handwriting; W.C. Leavitt; Betty Leh; Leonard Chilson; Jay Lewis; Library of Congress; Liquor on hand May 1st; Paul List; Lowe's Inc.; Sarah Lorimer; Ray Lovejoy; Maine Development Commission; Maine Library Association; Main Publicity Bureau; Harvard L Mann; "March to Quebec"; Adelaide Marquand, Lawrence Martin; Hirma Maxim; Seth McCormick, Carlton B. McCulloch; Re. McDonough Privateer; Alfred McIntyre; Paul V. McNutt; Merrimade Inc.; General Montgomery; Fred Moore; Re. Dick Mosser; Mussolini-Sarfatti-McClure story; Re. Jane Nason portrait; R.F. Nason; National Archive (P.M. Hammer); Navy Department Library; Adelaide Neall; Needlepoints; Leigh Nisbet; Re. "Northwest Passage"; Grace Lee Nute, re. Carver; Ober, Harold, re. Orson Wells; James Oliver, re. cooperatives; "Oliver Wiswell"; Re. Pageant; Paramount Studios; Re. Pastels; Abe Patterson; Re. Pebble Beach property; Felix Pereira; Nathan Perry; S.H.P. Pell; Pesenti; Gaston Pilon; Henry Pleasants; Verne Porter, Re. Pump; Re. Quiddy; Re. "Rabble in Arms"; Thomas Raddall; J. Hamden Robb; D. Kilham Roberts; Grace Roberts; Re. Rocky Pasture land; Re. Robert Rogers; Sherwood Rollins; Romanes & Paterson; Re. Franklin Rossevelt; H. Danforth Ross; John F. Royal; Harold G. Rugg; Rutgers University; Re. St. George Property; Re. St; Petersburg Bond and Mortgage Co.; Carl Schmidlap; Seashore Company; W.N. Seaver (M.I.T.); Secretary of the Interio, re. wild fowl; Sumner Sewall; Morris Shapiro; C.J. Shaw-Mackenzie; Shaw, Harold; Re. Ship models; Ruth Shipley; C.K. Shipton; Re. Workman's shirts; Re. Shoes; Re. Siberian Expeditionary papers; C.L. Sibley (Duck & Geese); Re. Silverman portraits; Luis Sillcox; Re. Skunk Cabbage; Edson Smith; E. Wilder Spaulding; State Street Trust Co. ;Woodbury Stevens; Rex Stout; Wes Stout; Julian Street; Re. Talleyrand marker in Sanford; Booth Tarkington; Re. D. Thoreau; "Time "Magazine; Mrs. Richmond Towne; Re. Tractor; Re. Traps; Re. Trees; Re. Trench coats; Re. "Trending Into Maine"; Traveler's Insurance Co.; Treasury Department; Re. Tripoli; University of Vermont; Unfriendly letters; University of Michigan; R.W.G. Vail; San VanAlen; Stephen Vanderveer; Dorothy Vaughan; Veterans Administration, re. Richmond Towne; Re. Willard's "Fighting Years"; Nutting Wallace; David I. Walsh; Christopher L. Ward; Elmer; Dale Warren; Arthur J. Wellington; Re. Welsh terrier Taffy; Wallace H. White; Vic Whitman; C. Richard Whittemore; "WhY I Hate to Talk About the War"; Max Wilkinson; Ben Williams; Wine Advisory Board; Audrey Wood, re. Marching Herds; Grant Wood; Writer's War Board; Re. Rules for writing; Yale professor; Re. Yarn for afghan


  • 1937 - 1943

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