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Correspondence Books: Carbons, Vol. 2: Abercrombie & Fitch; Re. Author's agents (Connie Hutchins..., 1946 - 1948

 Box: 48
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Carbons, Vol. 2: Abercrombie & Fitch; Re. Author's agents (Connie Hutchins); Walt Akerman, re. pumps; Charles E. Albury; Sterling & Lothrop Allen; American Antiquarian Society; American Museum of Natural History; American Society for Psychical Research; David Appel; Norman Armour; Re. Benedict Arnold; Elliott Arnold; "Arundal"; Re. Asparagus; Autograph seekers; Author's League; Alice Bailey, re. photos of Anna and Ken; Frank Bailey; J. Larkin Baldridge, re. Bermuda; Herbert Baldwin; Howard Baldwin; Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son; Bill Bancroft; Barclays Bank Ltd. (London); Barker Custom Shirt Company; LeBaron Barker; Re. New part for barn door; Rule for barn stain; E. Ross Bartley; Re. Baseball tickets; F.N. Beardmore; Marie Becker (NY Historical Society); Lucius Beebe; Re. Beer; Alligator belts; Hugh H. Bennett; Richard Berenson; Bermuda; Romeyn Berry; Ralph Billings; Morris Bishop; Douglas Back; Alton H. Blackington; Stuart Blythe; Board of Pilotage, Nassau; Re. Bodley head; Alice D. Bond; Book dealers; Boorum & Pease Company; Leslie Boswell; Harold Bourne; Bracket & Shaw; E.N. Brandt; Bread slicer; William Brennan; M.V. Brewington; Stanley Bromley, re. blood pressure; Donald Bryant; Jesse Buffum; Re. Bulldozer blade; Bishop Burton; H.D. Butterfield; Re. Buzz saw; E. Scott Campbell; Jim Campbell; Canadian National; "Captain Caution"; Champlin's Encyclopedia for Young People, re. "Northwest Passage" end paper; Robert Chase; Re. Chicken wire; Robert Choate; Chi Psi Lodge; "Christina Register," re. "Lydia Bailey"; Harold Christie; R.B. Church, re. gold coins; Re. Cigars; Clara Claasen; William Bell Clark; Thomas Clarke; Re. Clay; Re. Clinton correspondence; Re. Clover; Joe Cole; W.A.R. Collins; Consolidated Industry; Contractor (Nassau); Contracts; Mrs. Herbert Corey; "Cornell Alumni News"; "Coronet" Magazine; Mrs. John O'Hara Cosgrave; "Country Gentleman" (Robert Reed); John H. Craige; Wingate Cram; Crate & Kennell Company; Mrs. Robert Curry; Curtis Brown Ltd. (London); Re. DDT; Re. "Dance Index"; Charles Dawes; Depositors Trust Co., re. Atkins lot; Bernard DeVoto; E.L. Dodds; Nelson Doubleday; Joy Dow; Coert DuBois; Gabriel Duguay; Alfred Dunhill, re. cigars; Editions De La Paix; Order for egg beater; Robert Eichelberger; Rudolph Elie; Josiah M. Erickson; Lord Essendon; Norris Eveleth; Fan Mail: Wilson, Dalbec, Shartle, Rice, Hemler, Ford, Hayman, Coffin, Dorr, Lewis, Arnold, Fitzgerald, Kehring, Thomas; Hill, Watson, Emery, Oswald, Buter, Hamer, Bascom, Sheridan, Flynt, Barnes, Gosnell, King, Hurley, McDermot, Barton, Gump, Ephlen; Fire Prevention League; Frank Firnschild; Sidney Fleisher; Re. "For Authors Only"; Re. "Forever Amber"; Orville Forte; Joe Fountain; Francis Edwards; French binders; Leo Friedlander; Charles Funk; Funk & Wagnalls Co.; M.A. Gibbons; Arthur Gibbs; Donald G. Glascoff; Re. Gold coins; Gold leaf; Re. "Good Maine Food"; Goodspeed's Book Shop; Walter Godwin; John Gould; "Gourmet"; Raymond Grant; Re. Grapefruit; Ferris Greenslet; Re. Guns; Re. Book on Haiti; Robert Hale; A.R. Hales, Hammacher Schlemmer; Handwriting analyst; R.M. Hammond; Re. Harrow cut-away; Ben Hibbs; Mrs. Edward Hickey; Edwin Hipkiss, re. gold coins; Paul Hollister; Sidney Hooper; Hot Buttered Rum; Rupert Hughes; Connie Hutchins; Earl Hutchinson (Dept. of Education); Ice trays; Invitations; Re. I.P.C.; Re. Jari-cutter; Johnny Appleseeds Inc., re. GMF bookplates; Malcolm Johnson; Oscar Johnson; Richard S. Jones; Hugh Kahler; Ida Jean Kain; Isaiah S. Kelley; Kennebunkport High School; "Kenneth Roberts Reader"; Dorothy Kilgallen. W.G.C. Kimball; Joe Kindig; Re. Ladder; John O. LaGorce; Commander Langton-Jones; George Lawrence; Frederick Leake; Re. Tobias Lear; Betty Leh; A.E. LePage; Levy's Hatchet Bay Plantation; Fulton Lewis; Jay Lewis; Library of Congress; Liberia Fornia, Bologna, Italy; Re. Lime on asparagus beds; Paul List; Re. Log cabins; Dan Longwell; Milton Lord; Burford Lorimer; Raymond Lovejoy; Frank Lowe; Mrs. Luques, re. Atkins land; "Lydia Bailey"; James MacDonald; Jack Mctaggart; Magazine of Sigma Chi"; Order for magnetic rack; Maine Publicity Bureau; Re. "March to Quebec"; John Marquand; Howard Martin; Lawrence Martin; John McAndrews; John McCaffery; Mrs. W.N. McCrillis; Rosita Forbes McGrath; Alfred McIntyre; Burr Miller; Stewart L. Mims; Herbert Mitler; Monsanto Chemical Co.; Colleen Moore; Elizabeth Moore; Moreau de St. Mery; Robert Morris; Jacob Mosser; Countess Hermynia Zur Muehlen; Re. Nason family tree; Stephen Nason; Nassau Aviation Company; National Institute of Arts and Letters; Naval Historical Foundation; Adelaide Neall; Allan Nevins; Hoffman Nickerson; Leigh Nisbet; "Northwest Passage"; Re. Nylon rope; Harold Ober; Re."Oliver Wiswell"; Oriental Rug Shop; Vrest Orton; Oster Manufacturing Company, re. dog clipper; Ottawa Manufacturing Company; Packard Motor Company; Paine Furniture Company; John Parsons; Harry T. Paxton; Re. Pebble Beach property; Katharine Pediconi; S.H.P. Pell; Arthur B. Perry; O.P.Peterson Co., re. samovar; Joseph N. Pew; Re. Philadelphia libraries; Kenneth Phillips; Millard Phillips; Photographers; Gaston Pilon, Joe Plante; Henry Pleasants; Re. Poultry wire; "Pulitzer Price Hair Pull"; Hale Pulifer, re. construction of Rocky Pastures; Re. Pumps; "Rabble in Arms"; RKO Pictures Inc.; Princess Sue Razumowska; George Rector; LeGrand Reed; Howell E. Rees; Rifles; D. Kilham Roberts; Mrs. Grace Roberts; Kenneth Roberts; W. Adolphe Roberts; Lillian Robins; Mrs. Rosina Robinson; Lord Rennell of Rodd; Rogers Peet Company; Re. Roget's Thesaurus; Pete Rollins; Edward C. Root; Royal Bank of Canada; Harold G. Rugg; George Rupp; Harry P. Sands; Sandford, Florida, re. property; "Saturday Evening Post"; Re. Sausage; Joseph Sayward; Hans Schulman; Adrian Scolton; Secretary of State, Maine; Re. Ship models; Ruth Shipley; Re. Shoes; Luise Sillcox; Edson B. Smith; Lawrence Smith; Society of Authors; Re. Socks; Re. Spinning rigs; S.S. Pierce Company; St. George property; Re. Station Wagon; Name of stenographer; Woodbury Stevens; T.G. Stewart; "Story" Magazine; Re. Strawberry plants; Julian Street; Stump remover; Samuel Sturgis; Milo Sutliff, re. RIA; Re. Table dining; Booth Tarkington; John Tebbel; Thank you notes; The Collector (autographs); Re. Thermos bottle; "The Week Magazine"; Lowell Thomas; James M. Thomson; Thoreau quotes; Three-way Grass Spray; Thunderbolt Company; Harold Tittman; Alonzo Towne; Trader Vic; Re. "Trending Into Maine"; Tudor Press; Re. Smoked turkey; Re. Typewriter; Robert A. Uihlein; University of New Hampshire (Yeager); University of Washington; Vacheron & Constantin; Re. Vacuum cleaner; R.W.G. Vail; Robert van Gelder; Dorothy Vaughan; Vello, suntan lotion; Mrs. Arthur Vernay; Viz, Inc.; Re. Water-Divining; Isaac Webber; Name of well driller; Paul White; Wallace White; Who's Who in America; Getty Willing; Ben Ames Williams; Duchess of Windsor; "Winged America"; Frederic Wood; James Wood; Roy C. Woods; James Worcester, re. writing


  • 1946 - 1948

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