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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 14: Randolph G. Adams; F.P. Adams; Leon Allivial; American A..., November 1940-January 1941

 Box: 58
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 14: Randolph G. Adams; F.P. Adams; Leon Allivial; American Academy of Arts and Letters; American Geographical Society; American Red Cross; Angus & Robertson; Architect's Plans; Arlington (Menotomy in 1775); Merwin Armstrong, Re. Arnold Benedict; Associate Press (Frank Carey); Audubon prints; Authors' League of America; Howard Baldwin; Bill Bancroft, re. aging alcohol in wood; Bank of N.T. Butterfield; Dorothy C. Barck; W.R. Barnes; Carl Becker, re. "Oliver Wiswell"; Richard Berenson; Romyn Berry; Best-Sellers of the week; Elinor Birdsall, re. name; Dan Bishop, re. characters in "Oliver Wiswell"; Service for the Blind; Re. Blood pressure; C.K. Bolton; Alice D. Bond; Edward Bowes; Brackett & Shaw, re. sprayer; Clarence S. Brigham; Hamp Bryant; C.A. Bucklin, re. ancestry; Roger Butterfield ("Life" Magazine); Frank Buxton; Scott Campbell; Frank Carey; Carlo D. Cella, re. 'creditors' in "Oliver Wiswell"; Joshua L. Chamberlain; Mrs. Mack Charters, re. "Oliver Wiswell"; Bob Choate; Clara Claasen; T. Wood Clark; Henry T. Claus; Re. Governor Golden; Billy Collins; Corduroy trousers, Tripler; "Cornell Alumni News", re. "Carnelian & White"; Molly Costain (Curtis Brown); T.B. Costain; Frank Cowan; Grace Cowthra-Elliot; Croft Steel Windows; Barton Currie; Curtis Brown; Charles G. Dawes; James E. Dorsey; Joy Dow; Re. Ducks; R.L. Duffus; Thomas Duggan, re. Joseph Green; John Durant; Robert L. Eichelberger; Albert Emmons; Ends of Earth, member list; Re. Episcopal Church; Fan Letters: Brooks, Husband, Carens, Griffith, Mackay, Mullins, Weis, Nerad, Westerfield & Johnson; Re. Haddie Finnan; Richard Fuller; Robert Garland, re. Episcopalians in 1775; Arthur Gibbs; B.S. Gore, re. Shakers; Ferris Greenslet; Robert Hale; Charles L. Hanson, re. Journal of Samuel Lane; Mary Pelham Hill; Hinds Honey & Almond Cream; Lem Hodgkins; William Holt; E.M. Hopkins; Print of Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel; James R. Hulbert, re. "okay"; Jerome A. Johnson, re. Arnold-Wayne letters; Malcolm Johnson, re. Canadian royalties; Mrs. William Johnson, re. painters in Maine; Hugh Kahler; Lee Keedick, re. lectures; Joe Kindig (antiques); Re. Journal of Samuel Lane; W. Colston Leigh, re. lectures; Chilson Leonard; Jay Lewis; "Life" Magazine; Allen Lindley; Liquor Mart; Re. E. Livingston Fortunes Rocks; Milton Lord; Stanley Lovell; "Lumbermen"; Malden Highs School; Harvard Mann; John Marquand; H.A. McBride; Carl E. McCombs; Carleton B. McCulloch; Alfred McIntyre, re. "Oliver Wiswell"; James McNamara; Mrs. William B. Meloney; Alfred O. Mendel; Re. Metuchen; James Miles; Ken Miller; Millis and Norwood in "Oliver Wiswell"; Marjorie Mills; Paul D. Moody; Frederick Moore; R.F. Nason; National Institute of Arts & Letters; Adelaide Neall, re. serial for the Post; Hugh W. Nevin; Leigh M. Nisbet; Mary G. Nye; James C. Oliver; "Oliver Wiswell"; Richard H. Overholt; John J. Parsons; Max Peet, re. blood pressure; S.H.P. Pell; Helen Phillips; Henry Pleasants; Mark O. Prentiss; "Rabble in Arms"; Reviews of "Oliver Wiswell"; Augustus Richards, re. Baron Steuben; Kenneth Roberts; Re. Roger Roberts; Edward C. Root, review of "Oliver Wiswell"; Harold G. Rugg; Milton Runyon; H.L. Prescott; L.H. Schlosberg; Scribner's Book Store, re. Audubon prints; Sextant; C.K. Shipton; C.L. Sibley; Luise Sillcox, Edson Smith; E.B. Smith; Re. Sparrow in "Oliver Wiswell"; Jane E. Stark; Re. Baron Steuben; Frank Stone; Wes Stout; Shelby F. Strother, re. Siberian expedition; Booth Tarkington; John S. Taylor (Historical Society of S.C); Thank you notes for "Oliver Wiswell"; Gould H. Thomas; G.D. Tilley; "Time" Magazine; Re. Benjamin Thompson; E.B. Toppin; Trench Coates; "Trending into Maine," sales; Re. Trolley cars; Grace Turner; Robert Turner; Mark Twain on War Hysteria; R.P. Twombly; Dorothy Vaughan; Weekly Sales Slip; H. Wiley; Ben Williams; Wendell Wilkie; Thomas Wiswell, re. name; Everybody's workshop; Yale University Library, re. "Oliver Wiswell"


  • November 1940-January 1941

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Part of the Rauner Library Archives and Manuscripts Repository

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