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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 15: A.E.F. Siberia, Veterans Association; Abenaki Anglers As..., January-April 1941

 Box: 59
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 15: A.E.F. Siberia, Veterans Association; Abenaki Anglers Association; Randolph G. Adams; American Antiquarian Society; Angus & Robertson, re. "Oliver Wiswell"; Re. Arnold Benedict; J. Sanger Attwill, re. Gostelowe and Frothingham; Mrs. Ernest Atwood; Stanley B. Attwood, re. Maine Coastal Islands; Audubon Prints; Authors' League of America; Howard Baldwin; Bill Bancroft; Charles A. Beard; Richard A Berenson; Best-Sellers; Bicknell Photo Service; Lavelle School of the Blind; Sam Blythe; Bobs-Merrill Report; C.K. Bolton, re. portrait painter, Stephen Badlam; Alice D. Bond; Harold C. Bond; Boston map of 1722; Re. Bows and arrows; Julian Boyd; Brackett & Shaw, re. spraying machine; Clarence S. Brigham; Fisher A. Buell; Naomi Burton; Bank of N.T. Butterfield; Roger Butterfield; Frank Buxton; Nut letter from a Canadian; Canadian Historical Review; Mrs. Mack Charters; Mary Ellen Chase; Re. Cheap editions; Ralph B. Cheney, re. Chippendale cabinet; Bob Choate; Sister Choate; Clara Claasen; Recipe for deviled clams; Wilhelm Bell Clark; William H. Cliff; G.H. Clowes, re. blood pressure; Prices of cocktail shakers; M. Foster Coffin; Bill Collins, re. publishing "Oliver Wiswell"; Conservation Department of Michigan; Contracts; George Corey, re. letter from Postal Inspector; "Cosmopolitan"; Coward McCann; Barton Currie; Curtis Brown; Dartmouth College; Davey Tree Company, re. spraying; Joy Dow; Pat Dwyer; Eaton, re. General William; Eli Lilly Company, re. skunk cabbage; Harry East; Books returned from Exeter; Exiled Writers Committee; Faber, re. price for slacks and jackets; Fan letters; Helen Grozier Farley; Recipe for Finnan Haddie Newburg; Football; Anne Ford, re. letter to Gorham; Corey Ford; Franklin Institute; Re. French Spoliation Claims; Richard Fuller; Walter Funnell; Harold Furness; Noel Gains; Lewis Gannett review; Re. Geese; Arthur Gibbs; Grassyfork Fisheries; Ferris Greenslet; K. Gregory; Invitation to Gridiorn Dinner; Gump's; Re. Nathan Hale; Robert Hale; J.W. Hamilton; Handwriting analyzer; Hathaway Shirt Company; Frank Henry; Hobby Museum; Marion Hollins, re. Del Monte property; John C. Huden; Rupert Hughes, re. Corey; Hubert C. Hume, re. Stephen Badlam; Huntington Library, re. Journal of Ambrose Serle; Malcolm Johnson, re. paragraph on Derna; Jones Nurseries, re. black walnuts; Kellogg Bird Sanctuary; John Kettell, extract from his book; George M. Knight, re. "What You Don't Know About George Washington"; Lady George Koshko; Alexandra Krastin, re. interview; Re. Lamps; C Roger Lappin; John Thomas Lee; Re. Len-lease Bill; Chil Leonard; Jay Lewis; Liquor Mart; Longworth Book Shop; Milton Lord; MacElwee; A.E. MacKinnon, re. French Spoliation Claims; Hanford McNider; Maine Development Commission; Maine State Library; Harvard L. Mann; Joan Marion; Kyra Markham; Alfred L. Matheson; R.E. McCoy; Re. McCrady's "History of South Caroline"; Mrs. William F. McKenney; M.I.T.. returning "Arundel" loan; Carlton McCulloch; Jesse Merritt; Re. Metallic Tractors; Michigan University; Marjorie Mills; Margaret Mitchell; Paul Mosser, re. "Oliver Wiswell"; Thomas Murphy; Leonard H. Nason; Lucia M. Nason; R.F. Nason; "Nassau Daily Review Star"; National Gallery; Adelaide Neale; Needlepoints; New England Historic Genealogical Society, re. contribution; "Northwest Passage," re. trail from Portsmouth to No. 4; Re. Nut trees; Harold Ober; Old Print Exchange; James C. Oliver; "Oliver Wiswell"; Patten Library; Abe Patterson; Norman V. Peale; Re. Elisha Perkins; Nathan Perry, re. fiddleheads; Henry Pleasants; Howard F. Porter; Princeton University Library; Re. Public Relations; "Rabble in Arms," re. dramatization; Thomas H. Raddall; Red Cross Food Package List; Elizabeth Richards, F. Bayard Rives; Kenneth Roberts; O.P. Robinson; Re. Robert Rogers; Romanes & Paterson; John F. Royal; Harold G. Rugg, re. "Rabble" loan; Leverett Saltonstall; Scribner's, re. Audubon prints; W.N. Seaver, re. "Arundel" loan; Security Fence Company; Charles Sessler; George D. Seymour, re. Rogers; Re. Elijah Shaw narrative; Thomas Shaw; Ruth Shipley; C.L. Sibley; Luise Sillcox; Agnes Sims; Margaret Chase Smith; Sons of the American Revolution; Spraying machine, prices; Samuel Stevens; Wes Stout, re. Corey; Re. Summer House; Edward Swift; Robert Sylvester; Re. Booth Tarkington; G.D. Tilley; Re. Richmond Towne; Trader Vic; Nelson Trafton, re. spraying machine; Re. Traps; O.A. Trorlicht; S.L. Vanderveer; M. Vesey (Canadian reviewer); Veteran's Administration; Alvin Vinol; Damon Walker; David I. Walsh; Waverly House; Wayne University; Weekly Sales Report; H.G. Wells picture with "Northwest Passage"; Wender & Goldstein; Harry E. Wheeler; Philip White, re. model of "Lively Lady"; Wallace White, re. Lend-lease Bill; Leonard Withington, re. island for sale; Al Williams; Ben Ames Williams; Williams Book Store, re. diary of Albigence Waldo; Hugh Wilson, re. pea-fowl; Evelyn Wrench, re. "Oliver Wiswell"; Yankee Maid Products, re. summer house


  • January-April 1941

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