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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 17: Edward K. Aldrich; American Academy of Arts and Letters;..., October 1941-August 1942

 Box: 61
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 17: Edward K. Aldrich; American Academy of Arts and Letters; American Antiquarian Society; Association of American Colleges; Angus & Robertson; Aquarium Stock Company; Harold B. Arey, re. interview; Re. Arnold Benedict prints; Re. "Arundel"; Re. Audubon prints; Author's Guild; Author's League War Committee; Herb Baldwin; Re. Costs for baling; Bill Bancroft; Re. Barns; Re. Bass; Richard A. Berenson; Henry Beston; Re. Birdsfoot Trefoil; Morris Bishop; Re. Blackouts; Bobbs-Merrill Company; Eloi Joel Bois; Alice D. Bond; Boston Public Library; Harold Braun; British War Charities Committee; James H. Bunce; Bunker Hill Poultry Farm; Carl Burger; Knox Burger; Re. Burro; Butler Hospital; Bank of N.T. Butterfield; Frank Buxton; Cactus Garden; Erskine Caldwell; Mildred Campbell; Carl Carmer; Lester Cecil, re. autographed first edition; Don Chamberlin; Walter Channing; R.G. Chapman, re. terminology in "Oliver Wiswell"; Constance Charter; Re. Cheeses; Cherry Hill Nurseries; Chi Psy, re. badge; Mrs. W.W. Chipman, re. Canadian Loyalists; Bob Choate; Citizens Emergency Committee on Non-Defense Expenditures, re. use of name; Re. Civil War letters; Clara Claasen; Clinton Clausen; Re, Cleave's Cove Trail; Robert C. Clothier; "Collier's"; Billy Collins; Columbia Historical Society; Congregational Church, re. reference in "Oliver Wiswell"; Gregory P. Connolly; Consuls and Commercial Agents in Bordeaux, Cette, Paris in 1802; Cornell Alumni Fund; Cornell Widow; Arnaldo Cortesi; Tom Costain; "Country Gentleman," re. burro; Frank I. Cowan; Alex B. Coxe; Wingate Cram; Thomas F. Crawford; Curtis Brown; Re. Dart boards; Robert F. Davis, re. Indians; Charles G. Dawes; John DeLettre, re. letter from his nephew; Tyler Dennett; Department of Inland Fisheries and Game, re. bass; Department of State; Re. Diary of Dr. Jonathan Haskins Jr.; Re. Donkeys; Joy Dow; Duck and goose inventory for 1941; G. R. Duncan, re. Nipigon Country; Ralph M. Eastman; Re. Edes family papers; R.L Eichelberger; Emerson School for Boys; Essex Institute, re. sample cargos from Haiti in 1802; Bill Estabrook; Re. FM; Fan letters; Federal Works Agency; Re. Fiddleheads; B. Floyd Flickinger; Sol M. Flock; Orville Forte; Joseph A. Gainard; Robert Garland; Arthur Gibbs; Philip Gibbs; R.L. Goldman, re. his mystery stories; Samuel Goldwyn Inc.; Rodney J. Gould; "Gourmet"; Ferris Greenslet; Re. Gun pivot; A.T. Hales; David J. Harkness, re. Boone's Wilderness Trail; John Bass, re. ducks; Andy Hatch; Re. Hawks; Mrs. George Hawley; Re. Hay; Will Hay; S.G. Henry; Ben Hibbs; Edward W. Holland; Ernest M. Hopkins; George Hormel; Howe Caverns; Rupert Hughes; Sanford B. Hunt; Henrietta Wyeth Hurd, re. picture of Ken's mother; F.W. Hutt; Jewess; Malcolm Johnson; Kennebunkport High School; Kennebunkport Selectman; Knights of Columbus; Eli Larson; David Lawrence; Chil Leonard; W.C. Leavitt; Jay Lewis; Library of Congress; Liquor Mart; Ted Lindorff; M.P. Lord; Milton Lord; Joseph Louis, re. Chair; Re. "Low Church"; M.I.T.; Macdonough; Maine Library Association; Maine Publicity Bureau; Harvard L. Mann; G.D. Marcy; Walter S. Mason; Alfred McIntyre; Henry Mead; Merrimade Inc., re. paper; Jesse Merritt; P.V. Metzelthin; James Miles; Arthur Moehlman; H.C. Muhlenberg; Mary Nash; R.F. Nason; Mrs. R.F. Nason; G. Stephen Nason; National Archives; Adelaide Neall; Leigh M. Nisbet; "Northwest Passage," re. Arnold; Mary G. Nye; Harold Ober; Norreys Joseph O'Connor; "Oliver Wiswell"; Parcels to Nason and his brothers; Peabody Museum (Salem); Drew Pearson, re. Junius Wood; Horace B. Pearson; Phelps-Terkel Company; Re. Philips; Gaston Pilon; Re. Pitkins; Edmund D. Poole, re. Loyalists; Howard F. Porter; Post Office Employees; Princeton University Library; Re. Probate Court; Re. Pulitzer Prize; Re. Punts; Re. Murad Reis; Re. Rheumatic Fever; Charles L. Richardson; J. Hampden Robb; Kenneth Roberts; "Rockland Courier-Gazette"; Sherwood Rollins; Arthur L. Ruggles; Rutgers University; San Domingo; Frank Schoomaker, re. wines; Searsmont Fire Department; William J. Schaldach; George F. Scheer, re. Francis Marion; Schools for Girls; Frank J. Scully; Isaac Senter; Sumner Sewall; Joseph Shapiro; C.J. Shaw-MacKenzie; Re. Casual shoes; C.L. Sibley, re. cooking geese; Luise Sillcox; Edson Smith, re. Series E. bonds; Soldier's & Sailors' Club; E. Wilder Spaulding; Rodney S. Sprigg; Station WEEI, re. FM; Re. Steamer chairs; Woodbury Stevens; Ben Stinchfield; Frank Stone; Re. Storer Mansion; Julian Street; Louise H. Sturtevant; Mark Sullivan; Booth Tarkington; Annie Thayer; Milton S. Thompson; Milton S. Thompson; Donald B. Thurman


  • October 1941-August 1942

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