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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 19: Abercrombie & Fitch; Edward K. Aldrich, Jr.; Hervey Alle..., July 1943-June 944

 Box: 63
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 19: Abercrombie & Fitch; Edward K. Aldrich, Jr.; Hervey Allen; Sterling Allen & Lothrop; American Antiquarian Society; "American Cookery'; "American Magazine"; American Red Cross; L.D. Andrew, re. pipe; Brooke M. Anspach; Re. Antiquamania; "Armed Services Editions"; Re. Arnold Benedict; Jane Arnold; "Arundel"; J. Sanger Attwill; Re. Baha'I writings; Frank Bailey; Herbert Baldwin; L.C. Balfour, re. K.P.B. keys; Bill Bancroft; LeBaron R. Barker; Bell & Gosset Co.; Henri Benoit; Richard A. Berenson; R.B. Billings; Richard Bishop; Alton H. Blackington; Bobb-Merrill Co., re. sales of early books; Alice D. Bond; Book-of-the-Month Club; Boston Public Library; Bowdoin DKE House; Eragdon Paint Company; Marie Breazeale, re. GMF; Jesse H. Buffum, re. Jared Eliot; Builders Specialty & Hardware Company; Garnet J. Burlingame, re. crossing of Owen Stanley Range in New Guinea; Bank of N.T. Butterfield; Harry F. Byrd; John W. Carey; Constance Charters; William C. Chatman; Chemical Warfare Service; Cherry Hill Nurseries; Chinese Treasure Centre, re. T'ang stone horses; Bob Choate; Church Company; Clara Claasen; William Bell Clark; Re. Coffee and sugar cane; Colby College, re. exhibit; C.H. Cole & Sons, re. Fine Arts Policy; W.A.R. Collins; George P. Connolly; George Cressey, re. puppy; Crow Poison Recipe; Cedric Crowell; Curtis Brown, Ltd.; J.N. Darling; Walter G. Davis, re. typing; Jackson DeMary; Joseph Dine; Display window of books; Doubleday, Doran & Company, re. "Captain Caution" for "Armed Services Editions"; Nelson Doubleday, re. Malcolm; Joy Dow; Monroe Dreher; Ducks; Olaf Dwinal; Re. Eagle; Editorial "Aries"; S.B. Eckert; David Ehrlich; Robert L. Eichelberger; James S. Elston; Charles Ewing; Fan letters: Bartram, Hazen, Miller, Rickabaugh, Clark, Allen, Taylor, Wood, Dutfield, Rogers, Cecil, Cousins, Downing, Gancy, Probst, McCarthy, Jacobs, Cohen, Boulton, Maynard, Davis, Thing, Gregory, Byers, Weiss, Johnston, Caldwell & Boyd, Boulton; Tibbetts, Denmen, Barry, Williams, Walker, Watts, Bryden, Farrell, Fortescue, Pingrey, Kissack, Nason, Deshon, Kelley, Davis, Stevens, Walter, Paige, Hayes, Colule, Schmitz, Bullett, Emerson, Shapiro, Sproull, Morgan; E.H. Faulkner; State of New Hampshire, Fish & Game Department; Fix It Shop; Re. Freezer; Alvan T. Fuller; Peter Fuller; Gardner Seed Co.; Arthur Gibbs; Re. Gin testing; Girl who knew Bobby Brennan; Earl Godwin; Goodspeed's Book Shop; Wilbur Godwin; John Gould; Gravely Motor Plow & Cultivator Co.; Re. Painting by Abbot Graves; Ferris Greenslet; A.L. Gump, re. hotel; Emily Hahn; Agnes Hale; Robert Hale; Martha Fuller Halsey; Harper & Brothers, re. sales of "Europe's Morning After" and "Florida"; William Harvey, re. dog clipper; Hawks, facts about Jack Miner; Re. Hay; Hay baler (Lurich); Edwin J. Hipkiss, re. painting restorer; Waldo C. Hodgdon; Rackham Holt; B.N. Holtham; Ernest M. Hopkins; Robert W. Howard; M.G. Huber; Rupert Hughes; Re. Icons; Re. Incinerators; Interwoven Stocking Company; Inventory of Rocky Pasture; Re. Italian Hydrographic Chart; Johnson Cactus Gardens; Re. Paintings of Eastman Johnson; Malcolm Johnson; Joint Committee of the National Capitol; Isaiah S. Kelley; Kellogg Mann Corp.; Fred Kelly; Kennebunkport Library; Frank King; Elizabeth S. Kingsley; Re. Kudzu Vine; Henry LaCossitt; John O. LaGorce; Re. Lally's pup; David Lawrence; Samuel A. Levine; Jay Lewis, Library of Congress; Lighthouse Paint Formula; Victor H. Lindlahr; Little, Brown & Company, royalty statement; Liquor Mart; Battell Loomis; Milton E. Lord; Raymond H. Lovejoy; Alfred Lowe; Lucas Tree Export Company; Eugene MacDonald; Maine Library Association Bulletin; Maine State Library; Manitoban; Paul Manship, re. terra cotta; John Marchi; John P. Marquand; Lawrence Martin; Massachusetts Horticultural Society; David Maxham; Warren McArthur; Carlton B. McCulloch; Alfred McIntyre; Helen McIntyre; Jesse Merritt; Re. Metallic Tractors; Military Historical Society of Massachusetts; Marjorie Mills; Jack Miner; Paul D. Moody, Robert H. Morris; W.E. Mullins; Re. Mussles; Henry H. Nason; Leonard H. Nason; R.F. Nason; Stephen Nason; National Institute of Arts and Letters; National Library for the Blind; National Sailors' Home; Adelaide Neall; N.J. Cooperative Extension Work; Leigh M. Nisbet; "Northwest Passage"; Harold Ober; "Oliver Wiswell"; Onions; "Our Dogs"; Owls; Owl piece in "Kennebunkport Star"; Irvine H. Page; Re. Red paint; Re. Pajamas; Parke, Davis & Co., re. Taka-Combex; Parker Pen Co.; Henry Parsons; Katherine Pediconi; Westbrook Pegler; Pejepscot Paper Company; S.H.P. Pell; Frazier F. Peters; Pig Account; Pine Cobble School, Williamstown; Re. "Pigsdale Wall"; Re. Plowing; "Plowman's Folly"; Pocket Book Inc.; Julian A. Pollak; Louis Porteous; Porteous, Mitchell & Braun; William N. Porter; Re. Pulpwood; Re. Queensbury booklet; Rationing Board; Reed & Barton; Douglas Rigby; F.E. Rimbach; Ham Robb; D. Kilham Roberts; Grace Roberts; Jesse M. Roberts; Kenneth Roberts; Roy Roberts; Sherwood Rollins; Romanes and Paterson; David Rubinstein; Harold G. Rugg; List of savings bonds; Sea Shore Co.; Second National Bank of Boston; John L. Senior; Harold J. Shaw; Clifford K. Shipton; Shirts, re. new collars; Frank B. Shutts; Luise Sillcox; Arthur Sinnott; Gertrude Louise Small; Edson Smith; Society of Authors; Song Lists; Snow Boots; Spain; Spring Analysis; St. George Property; Harry Staton; Frank Stone; Rex Stout; Mrs. Frank Streeter, re. pup; Tailor; N.B. Tarkington, editorial; Helen A. Taylor, re. term 'down east'; Thresher & Kelley; "Time" Magazine; Re. Gravely Tractor; "Trending Into Maine," review; Robert P. Turner; Robert Uihlein; U.S. Department of Agriculture; U.S. Gypsum Company; Vieweg; War Department; Re. War Savings Bonds; Frances E. Waterhouse; WEEI Food Fair Magazine; Weekly Sales Slips; Herbert F. West; C. Richard Whittemore; Arthur M. Wiggin; Ben Williams; Floss Williams; Imogene Wolcott; Writers' War Board


  • July 1943-June 944

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