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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 20: Re. Adco; U.S. Department of Agriculture, re. Thomas Jef..., April 1944-March 1945

 Box: 64
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 20: Re. Adco; U.S. Department of Agriculture, re. Thomas Jefferson; Hervey Allen; Allen, Sterling & Lothrop; American Antiquarian Society; American Geographical Society; American Legion, re. its history; Brooke Anspach; Answer Man (Bruce Chapman); "Antiques," re. Pennsylvania Dutch design; Re. Apple Fruit Fly; "Armed Services Editions," re. "Arundel"; Re. Arnold Benedict; Re. Arthritis Cure; Artists materials; Re. Asparagus; J. Sanger Attwill; Stanley B. Attwood; Sherman Atwill, re. numerology; Authors' Research Service; Endiciones Ayma, re. Spanish rights to "Northwest Passage"; Gregory Baker (Department of Forestry), re. Great Works; Charles Baldwin; Herbert Baldwin; Re. Balers; William Bancroft; Lee Barker; Ross Bartley; Bronson Batchelor; Bauer & Black, re. Jap cotton; L.L. Bean; Min Beaton, re. Loyalists; Bell & Gossett Co.; Alex Bender; Mashie Berenson; Richard A. Berenson; Carroll T. Berry; Romeyn Berry; Alfred Bethune; Ralph Billings; Alton H. Blackington; C.K. Bolton; Alice D. Bond; Re. Borax; Boston Public Library; Clarence Brigham; British Society of Authors; J. Fred Bradford; Leroy C. Brown; Jesse H. Buffum; Bank of NT Butterfield; Frank Buxton; Jim Campbell; Cherry Hill Nurseries; Chi Psi Lodge, Bowdoin; "Chicago Daily Tribune"; Childress Army Air Field; Re. China fly catchers; Robert Choate; Church Co.; Judith Chase Churchill; Clara Claasen; Howard Clute; Colby Junior College; C.H. Cole & Sons; Fred B. Collins; W.A.R. Collins; Columbia University, re. early agricultural books; Sam E. Connor; Re. Copper; Cornell Club; Coronet Magazine; Thomas B. Costain; "Country Gentlemen"; John Houston Craige, re. Crete a Pierrot; Wingate Cram; Re. Traps for crows; Sam Crowther; Bill Cunningham; Guy Cunningham, Re. D.D.T.; Frederick W. Damon; Bernard DeVoto; Re. Diamond smuggling; Re. Dog clipper; Nelson Doubleday; Joy Dow; Downs Lumber Co.; Coert DuBois; Re. Ducks; Charles L. Durham; Dynamite permit; Eagle dimensions; Paul Eaton; R.L. Eichelberger; Milton Ellis, re. burning of Christmas trees on Washington's birthday; Ray D. Everson; Charles Ewing; Fan letters: Clark, Rickabaugh, Knoll, Philbrick, Moore, Young, Downing; Kilbourne; Roderick, Coryell, Clarke, Osterhouse, Lamson, Houston, Nazzaro, Monroe; Downing, Sheean, Pattee, Sweet, Pease & Lorigan, Lingenfelter, Bodner, Shinney, Drew, Abbott, Wainwright, Frizzell, Kinsey, Waller, Conant, Prince, Joy, re. autographs, King, Roce, re. special editions, Probst, Selman, Nason, Morgan, Pugsley, Hunter, McKeigne, Buffum, Moulton, Tebbetts, Neunhauser, Murray, May Guerin, Laurence, Demary, Kinsey, Hall, Wiswell, Compton, Duffy, John, Price, Carbone, Holmes, Schandler, Abbott, Roberts, Keating, Bradley, Seamen, Madlener, Luney, Erskine, re. Arnold's guns, McInnis, Hoyt, Thom, Green; Fan letters, re. Karl Pfeiffer; Fish cakes recipes; Helen Hortness Flanders, re. ballad; George Flynn, re, numerology; Donald Forte; Orville Forte; Lewis Gannett; Gannett Publishing Co., re. radio listings; Jesse B. Gay; Arthur Gibbs; Earl Goodwin, Re. Gold braid; Albert T. Gould; George Graves, Ferris Greenslet; John Gunther; Robert Hale; Richard Hallet; John W. Hanes; William C. Harllee; Harper & Brothers; Horace Hildreth; Eddie Hill; George S. Hobbs; Ernest M. Hopkins; Roy Howard; "Hunting and Fishing Magazine"; A.J. Huston; Re. Repair of ice bucket; Independent Voters' Protest Committee; Re. Insecticides; F.B. Jameson; Frank Jamison; Translation of Jap flag; John McCormick, Inc.; Malcolm Johnson; E.H. Jones, re. Blueboy; Jordan Marsh Co.; Hugh Kahler; Paul Kneeland; John O. LaGorce; David Lawrence; Re. Tobias Lear; Samuel A. Levine; Jay Lewis; Library of Congress; Liquor Mart; Dan Longwell; Milton Lord; Laura Loudon; Raymond Lovejoy; Luigi Lucioni; Florence H. Ludlum; Maine Republican Finance Committee; Harvard L. Mann; Jesse Martin, re. birthplace of American Revolution; John Marquand; McBride &Co.; Carlton B.McCulloch; Alfred R. McIntyre; C.W. Meade; Jean Meagher; Re. Melba Toast; Jesse Merritt; Demetrius Michalaros; Middlebury College; A.R. Midgley; Military Hospital Society; Marjorie Mills, re. tinkers; Minnie Mills; Monsanto Chemical; Robert H. Morris; Re. Moving pictures in the home; Mt. Hermon School; Museum of Fine Arts; Re. Mushrooms; Mystery of Forked Twig article; Leonard Nason; E.R. Nason; R.F. Nason; Stephen Nason; National Geographic Magazine; National Institute of Arts and Letters; National War Fund; Adelaide Neall; Jack Neiburg; O.M. Nelson; New England Historical Genealogical Society; New England Toro Company; New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station; "New Yorker"; Nicolson's, re. coat for Anna; "New York Times Book Review"; Re. Numerology; Harold Ober; Neal O'Hara; Re. "Oliver Wiswell"; Re. Owls; John J. Parsons; William Patterson (Hill School); S.H.P. Pell; Re. Pennsylvania Dutch Designs; Perrin & Thompson Groves; Perry Iron & Metal Co.; Frazier F. Peters; Phi Beta Kappa Associates; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Philadelphia Record, re. Charles Lee; "Pirates of the Farmyard"; Re. Portraits, "Kennebunkport Star"; Purdy Optician; M.M. Quaife, re. American Lake Series; Red Cross certificate; Robert Reed; Republican National Committee; Marjorie Reynolds; J.B. Rhine, re. water dowsing; Rifles; Frederick E. Rimbach; D. Kilham Roberts; Ken Roberts; Kenneth Roberts; N.H. Roberts; Lillian Robins; Sherwood Rollins; Roosevelt Cartoons; Leona Rostenberg; John F. Royal; Harold G. Rugg; Alexander Ruthven (University of Michgan); William J. Schaldach; Harold Shaw; C.L. Sibley; Sigma Chi Magazine; Carl R. Smith; Edson B. Smith; Song list; E. Wilder Spaulding; Spaulding-Moss; S.S. Pierce Co., re. scotch; Sy. George River property, re. listing for sale; John Stark, re. commission; Re. Sugar cane; Swedish Consul General, re. taxes; N.B. Tarkington; Leroy Taylor; Thresher & Krllry; Charles Torielli; "Trending into Maine," reviews; Betty Trotter; Sophie Kerr Underwood; U.S.S. A.P.L. 34; U.S. Department of the Interior, live stock report; U.S. Gyspsum Co.; Glen Vail, re. gold braid; Irita van Doren; Dorothy Vaughan; Veterans Administration, re. insurance; F.G. Vickers, re. rifles; Victory and withholding tax refund; Edith Visconti; Edward J. Vogeler; Dale Warren; Water Dowsing; Guy L. Webster; Weekly Sales Slip; Austin Welch; Herbert F. West; Arnold G. Westerberg; Wallace H. White, re. mural; Ben Williams; Russell C. Williams; Floss Williams; Margaretta Willing; Franklin H. Wood, re. George River property; Writers War Board


  • April 1944-March 1945

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