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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 23: Alvaro Perez Peydro, re. Spanish rights; American Legion..., June 1946-March 1947

 Box: 67
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 23: Alvaro Perez Peydro, re. Spanish rights; American Legion (Richard J. Jones); American Library Association; American Writers Association; L.C. Andrew, re. poultry wire; Elliott Arnold; Associated Magazine Contributors; Authors' League of America, re. Mark Twain Society; Autograph hunters; Evelyn Griswold Baer; Lake Baldridge; Herbert Baldwin; Howard Baldwin; William Bancroft; Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son; Lee Barker; Lord Baecroft; John Baecroft, re. "Lydia Bailey"; Richard A. Berenson; Rym Berry; Allister Bevin, re. subterranean clover; Leland Bickford; Re. Billboards; Ralph E. Billings; Douglas Black (Doubleday); Alton H. Blackington; Bobb-Merrill Company, re. history of American Legion; Alice D. Bond; Book Stores; Boston Boot Makers; "Boston Herald"; Boston Public Library; "Boston Transcript"; Leslie Boswell; Mrs. William Aspenwall Bradley, re. "Northwest Passage," publication rights for France; Erd Brandt; Marie Breazeale; G.P. Bratt, Jr., re. "Forever Amber"; M.V. Brewington, re. "Barber Wars"; Brick Store Museum; Re. Bronze letters and casting; Donald Bryant; Jesse H. Buffum; Frank Buxton; Scott Campbell; Re. Cement mixer; Re. Ch'i-in; Robert Choate; Harold Christie; Clara Claasen; Cletrac's; Re. Subterranean clover; Howard Clute; Colby College; Lincoln Concord; Joe Cole; W.A.R. Collins; Re. "Constitution"; Corey; Cornell University; Arnaldo Cortesi; Esta Cosgrave, re."Rabble" portraits; Wingate Cram; Cedric R. Crowell; Bill Cunningham; Mrs. Robert Curry; Curtis Brown; Dartmouth College Library; Department of State (Sally Nash), re. broadcasting "Northwest Passage"; Dessalines, re. opera; Bernard DeVoto; DeWolfe & Fiske; Re. Dieting piece; Double-Crosstics, (Helen Barker); Doubleday basic book list; Nelson Doubleday; Joy Dow; Coert DuBois; Paul Eaton; Robert L. Eichelberger; Eli Lilly & Company (Nicholas Noyes); Fairbanks, Morse & Company; Fan letters: Ray, Field, Ansprenger; Sullivan, Maling; Schmidt; Foley, Hants, Law, Culverwell, O'Grady, Barr, McKnight, Ogden, Dolbec, Barnes, Elie, Wilson, Martin, Hatch, Dale, Sawyer, Sweet, Andrews, Lomas, Allen, Branch, Hanson, Whelan, McPhail, Charters, MacEachron, St. Paul, Reese Wolfe, Robinson, Patterson, Dornuf, Hatfield, Stinson, Rantoul, Greening, Thomson, Petges; Faustina Orner Associates; Franklin Fisher; Rosita McGrath Forbes; Re. Foreign rights; Re. "Forever Amber"; Gladys Foster, re. play she's written on Haiti; Mrs. Maximilian Foster; Funk & Wagnalls Co.; Furniture maker in Saco; Geigy Co., insecticides; Arthur Gibbs; Donald G. Glascoff (American Legion); Mabel L. Gooch; George T. Goodspeed, re. hummingbird book; "Gourmet"; Ferris Greenslet; Re. Guns; Robert Hale, re. Spoliation Claims; A.R. Hales; Harold A. Webber Post; Will H. Hays; "Hecate County," review; Iron hinges; Rupert Hughes; International Mark Twain Society; Jadwiga; Invitations; John Jamieson, re. Army library service; Johnny Appleseed's Inc.; Malcolm Johnson; Hugh MacNair Kahler; Ida Jean Kain; Kennebunkport High School, re. books; Kimball Arms Company; Joe Kindig; John O. LaGorce; Fred Leake; Re. John Ledyard; Charles Lee; Jay Lewis; Library of Congress; Edward Lindeman; Literary Guild of America; Little, Brown & Company; Milton Lord; Louis T. Graves Memorial Library; Raymond H. Lovejoy; "Lydia Bailey"; Magazine of Sigma Chi; Maine Coast Fisherman; Maine State Library; J. Manka; Elizabeth Foster Mann; Howard Martin; John Marquand; James H. Matthews & Company, re. bronze letters; Ken McCormick; Catherine McEntyre; Alfred McIntyre; Samuel Mendum, re. book censorship; Metropolitan Museum of Art; George Minot; Paul D. Moody; Elizabeth C. Moore; Re. Moreau de St. Mery; Robert Morris; Jane Mosser; Motion Picture Association; William Murphy; Stephen Nason; Nassau Aviation Company; "Nassau Guardian"; National Better Business Bureau, re. Mark Twain Society; National Institute of Arts and Letters; Naval Historical Foundation; Adelaide Neall; Gordon Nelles, Guy P; Newcomb, re. pearls; New York Historical Society; New York Society Library, re. Valley Forge; Re. Nylon rope; Harold Ober, Ocean National Bank; Packard Motor Company, re. station wagon; Charles Parsons, S.H.P.Pell; Perfectly Satisfied Pipe Smokers; O.P. Peterson; Joe Plante; Henry Pleasants; Re. Joel Poinsett; Richard K. Polimar; Re. Postcards; Princess Sue Razumowska; R.K.O. Radio Pictures. Inc.; Record American, re. smut in literature; Howell Rees; William G. Renwick, re. guns; Re. Revolutionary Flint-lock; Louise Richardson; Re. Rifles; D. Kilham Roberts; Grace T. Roberts; Kenneth Roberts; Ernest Robinson, re. Revolutionary rifle; Re. Rototiller; Royal Bank of Canada, Nassau; Cranger Ryan, re. Moreau; Re. Ry-Krisps; Harry P. Sands; Stafford Sands, Sr.; Sanford, Florida, re. real estate agents; Satterlee, Warfield & Stephens, re. Ken's will; John L. Sawyer. re. use of St. George property by boy scouts; Joseph T. Sayward, re. billboards; Stuart Shaffer; Ray Shaw; Ruth Shipley; Luise Sillcox; Belle Fitzgerald Smith; Society of Authora; Julian Street; Thank-you notes; "The Author and Journalist," re. author's agents; The Oliver Store, re. tractors; "This Week Magazine"; Re. St. George property; State Liquor Commission; State of Maine Information Bureau; Lowell Thomas; Harold Tittmann; Trader Vic; Treasury Department, Customs Bureau; U.S. Gypsum Company; U.S. Information Service (Philip Hodge); University of Washington; State of Maine Publicity Bureau; F.H. Steinmetz, re. bluegrass; Woodbury Stevens; R.W.G. Vail; Stephen L. Vanderveer; Robert VanGelder; Dorothy Vaughan; Edward J. Vogeler; Dale Warren; Re. Water Divining; Weekly Sales Slips; Re. Welsh terriers; Ben Ames Williams; Ben Ames Williams, Jr.; Edmund Wilson; Carlton Yarnall


  • June 1946-March 1947

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