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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 25: Reed D. Achauer; American Unitarian Association; H.H.C A..., January-February 1947

 Box: 69
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 25: Reed D. Achauer; American Unitarian Association; H.H.C Anderson; Clarence Andrews; Brooks, Anspach; Re. Benedict Arnold; Re. Cynthia Arnold; Melvin Arnold; Re. "Arundel"; Autograph hunters; Commodore Bainbridge; Bill Bancroft; Harry E. Barnes; Stillman Batchellor, re. H.F. West review; Best-seller lists; Wendell P. Bieser; Birch Island Lodge; Re. Josephine Bonaparte; Mark Boyd, re. Moreau; Re. Battle of Brandywine; Aaron Burr; General Chamberlin; Re. Judge Samuel Chase; Lile Chew; Chi Psi lists; Robert Choate; "Cornell Alumni News"; "Cornell Sun Observer"; "Cosmopolitan"; John H. Craige, re. Moreau; W.J. Crawford, Jr.; Mary Dolan; Ellen Doubleday; Dana C. Douglas, re. Hopkins memorial; Eugene Field Society; Fan letters: Johnson, Bieser, Smith, Fellows, Schneider, Holmes, Micou, Lord, Mallory, Kirkland, Thomas, Nason, E.W. Davidson, Single, Porter, Bacon, Lingenfelter, Scott, Herald, Brook, Diniz, Hutton, Rice, Rising, Bitting; Davis, Juko, Greening, Newton, Durell, Hauser, Andrews, Goodman, Menzer, Dawson, Cargill, Drinker, Platt, Trumbell, Campbell, King, Trevor, Stott, Uihlein, Judd, Nelowet, MacDonald, Mann, Olmstead, Hare, Baley, Wharton, Biener, Dymond, Lewis, Wood, Lindsley, Sutton, Orton, Gonko, Durand, Bell, Simpson, Sawyer, Evans, Knight, Shephard, Johnson, Chatterton, William Bell Clark, Kirk, Nolan, Morton, Leake, Kaplan, Greenlers, Maynard, Hemler, Hayman, Ford, Goldblatt, Brewer, Brother Omer, Greene, Jers, 7 year old child; Beagley, Oswald, Butler, O'Brien, Douglas, Butt, Mallory, Thomson, Jeter, Savignano, Tee-Van, N.Y. Zoological Society, Bonner, Apsion, Rickabaugh, Gold, Eastman, Bedford-Jones, Wiggin, King, Wood, Gosnell, Oppegard, Root, Humphrey, Stetson, Hamer, Bascom, Daniels, Jennings, Davis, Morin, Engles, Taylor, Perlman, Platt, Miller, Sharotte, DeMotte, Tate, Davison, McCarthy, Barton, Shull, W. Adolphe Roberts, Durand, Dawes, Young, Spaulding, Cook, Davey, Kingsbury, Bradley, Burnett, Gould, Vogt, Mulkins, Legg, Hatch, Spencer, Brooks, Graves, Welch, Charles, Deane, Blair, Hardesty, Lewis, Gould, Weems, Bolton, Weeks, Molitor, Fromkes, Ross, Eaton, Roberts, Bolgas, Brown, Taylor, Gombar, Shartle, Hill, Platt, Graham, Tyler, Brown, Wallgren, Codman, Somers, Vaughan, Graham-Mozealous, Roland; Goethean Literary Society; "Good Maine Food"; Marian Hague; Re. John Joseph Henry; Eldon Hill; Invitations; Louis Johnson; Paul Kenny, re. Arnold Trail; Marian King; Mrs. George Kurz, nut letter; Thomas Lamont; Re. Tobias Lear; Betty Leh; A.E. LePage; Literary Guild, booklet; Frank E. Lowe; "Lydia Bailey"; Hazen Mackay; Carleton McCulloch; Alice McDermott; Milton Academy; Moreau De St. Mery; National Council for Prevention of War; "New York Herald Tribune Book List"; "Oliver Wiswell"; Joseph N. Pew; Publisher's Weekly; "Rabble in Arms"; Marjorie Reynolds; Edward Clary Root; Kenneth Roberts; S.E. Rose; Frank K. Schwarz; Re. Ship papers during Civil War; Arnold Smith, re. Patterson, NJ; Special Library Association (Jane Brewer); Re. St. George property; Re. Supreme Court decision; Thank you notes; Toussaint, re. headquarters in 1801; Robert Uihlein; Sammy VanAlen; Robert VanGelder; Re. Vespucci; Frances Emery Waterhouse; Re. Oliver Wolcott; Re. Writing; Re. Yellow Fever


  • January-February 1947

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