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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 33: Allen Bros Corp., re. Rollins School Plaque; Ralph M. Al..., March-October 1953

 Box: 77
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 33: Allen Bros Corp., re. Rollins School Plaque; Ralph M. Allen, re. Muscovies; Re. Antiques; Re. Arnold Benedict; "Art in America"; Arundel Print Shop (Milligan); Re. Asparagus; Authors League of America; Autograph seekers; Re. Origins of baked beans; Morgan Baker; Herbert L. Baldwin; William Bancroft; Barclay's Bank; Re. Beaugean Prints; Bay State Nurseries; Alex W. Bealer; Re. Bear's paw; Marie Becker, re. Lord Gordon; Miller Bedford; John Bell of Aberdeen; Alice Dixon Bond; Mention of Boon Island; Boston Cream Pie; Boston Public Library; Lou Boudreau; Brooks Bros.; Bruce H. Addington; Madeline Burrage, re. tourmalines; Alice Bastine Campbell; Mrs. G. Colket Caner; Reginald E. Carles; Re. Cat's Eyes; Howard I. Chapelle; Re. Chinese Chestnut Trees; Robert B. Choate; Clara Claasen; James H. Cookman; Corned beef & cabbage recipe; Gardner Cowless; Re. Cross bow; Ridgely Cummings; Bill Cunningham, column; Francis Dahl; Albert R. Day; Dog plucker (Martha Curtis); Russell Doubleday; Joy Dow; Miss S.R. Dowling; Re. Ducks; Fan letters: Finley, Otis, Pratts, Wolstein, Abernethy (London), Mueller, Fellows, Goerdel, Fairbarn, Lucas, Churchill, Cummings, Goddard, Sylvester, Perry, Thomas, Re. agents, McDonald, Model Market, Harrington, Nicholes, Johnson, Alice Bastine Campbell; Kelly, Lingenfelter, Fillebrown, Gosnell, Yeoman, Henry Retzek, Bradham, Seiber; Mrs. Eliot Farley; Re. Fiddleheads; Fishing camp, re. Birch Island Lodge & Cottages; Re. Historic flasks; Fort Ticonderoga Museum (John Pell); Benjamin Franklin, re. his cipher; John Franklin; Joan Fraser; Dave Garroway; Re. Geese; Gemological Institute of America (Crowningshield); D.F. Getchell; Arthur H. Gibbs; "Gourmet"; Sydney Greenbie; Haiti; Robert Hale, re. Sydney Hooper; Sophia E. Hammond; Ben Hibbs ("Saturday Evening Post"); Edwin J. Hipkiss, re. Kwan Yin; "Holiday" Magazine; Re. Hollis School plaque; B.N. Holtham; Ice buckets; Icons; Investigation; "Kennebunkport Star"; Re. Kennenbunkport; Mrs. Atwater Kemp; Kennwood Golf & Country Club; Frank King; Re. Kwan Yin; John Oliver LaGorce; James Lane, re. Elizabeth Browne; David Lawrence; Re. Sinclair Lewis; Library of Congress, re. Lord Gordon; Denver Lindley; "Look" Magazine; Re. Lord Gordon; Alice F. Lord; Paule Loring ("Providence Journal"); Louisville Courier-Journal, re. William Bruce McCreary; Gordon P. MacDavitt; James MacDonald; Elizabeth Foster Mann; John Marchi; Re. Marrow; Mrs. S.A. McGavern; Grace McHutchinson; George McKearin; Re. Merrill family; Marjorie Mills; Daniel C. Minnick; Re. Monsanto Chemical; C.L. Moore; Moose horns; Museum of Fine Arts Boston; Re. Nason family; Stephen Nason; National Audubon Society; National Gallery of Art (Harry McBride), re. Elizabeth Browne; Winifred Nerney, re. cat's eyes; "New Yorker"; Leigh M. Nisbet; Northwestern Chemical Corp.; "Northwest Passage"; Harold Ober; L. Ray Ogden; Orders; George Pattulo; Flavia Pediconi; John Pell; Pepperide Farm (Mrs. Margaret Rudkin); Portsmouth, NH Police Chief; Post Office Department; Potatoes; Re. Pumps; Radio Station WPOR; P.W. Rairden, Jr.; Henry Retzek; Quentin Reynolds; Mrs. Floyd L. Rheam; Paul Richter; E.C. Ricker & Sons; E.B. Rideout; Roland Wells Robbins; Re. Rogers Rangers; Sanford, Florida, re. property; Re. Wilton Brush Saw; Henry Schindall; Stephen Searles; Secretary; Ruth Shipley; Shreve, Crump & Low; Raymond N. Skelton; Bob Smith ("Minneapolis Star"); H.A. Smith & E.; R.D. Snively; Re. Vilhjalmur Stefansson; Woodbury Stevens; S.D. Sturgis; Walter Buckingham Swan; Re. Booth Tarkington; Thank you notes; "Reader's Digest"; "The Seventh Sense"; Society of Authors (Munro-Kerr); Re. Tourmalines; Trimingham Brothers, Bermuda; TV Channel; Mrs. James Ramsey Ullman; University of New Hampshire; R.W.G. Vail, re. Elizabeth Browne; Bob Venner; Robinson Verrill, re. income tax; R. Frank Vigue; Isaac M. Webber; Louis A. Webster; Weekly Sales Slips; Herbert F. West, re. Ben Ames Williams' letters; Roger C. Williams; Re. Woodcock


  • March-October 1953

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