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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 34: Abercrombie & Fitch, re. Anemometer; C.J. Abernathy; "Am..., October 1953-May 1954

 Box: 78
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 34: Abercrombie & Fitch, re. Anemometer; C.J. Abernathy; "American Agriculturist" Magazine; Re. Antiques; Re. Arnold's Fleet; Authors League of America, re. copyrights; James B. Ayer; Bailey, Banks & Biddle; L.G. Balfour; W.A. Bancroft; H.J. Barrett, re. Eliot & Faulkner; W.S. Bell; Bermuda; Re. Bird peppers; Re Birds; Douglas M. Black; Alice D. Bond; Book dealers, Maggs Bros.; Boston Public Library; Charcoal records; Cameo Press; Mrs. G. Colket Caner, re. Shirley House; "Captain Caution", Hal Roach Studios; Re. Cat's Eyes; Robert B. Choate; Church Company; Clara Claasen; Mrs. B. M. Cough; C.H. Cole & Sons; W.A.R. Collins; Contract; Re. Calvin Coolidge; "Cornell Alumni News" (Hinchliff); Daniel E. Crowley; Theresa Cucci, re. Arnold's fleet; Bill Cunningham; Curtis Brown Ltd.; Peter Cox; "Dartmouth Alumni Magazine"; John C. Davis; William F. Dean; Mrs. Nelson Doubleday; Joy Dow; "Down East" Magazine; Coert DuBois; Edward D. Dunn; Re. Eagle mirrors; Re. Eel traps; Rudolph Elie; Songs of Euthanasia U.; Fan letters: Clapp, Owen, Clark, Brooks, Brock, Brainard, Lubell, Saunders, Green, Collins, Newby, Rheam, Campana; Somers, Mulkerns, Coulson, Wood, Marchand, Ashley, Carville, Kelty, Keys, Bransfield, Raudenbush, Carter, Engell, Stafford, Erickson, Mead; Re. Faulkner's "Sanctuary"; Mrs. N.A. Flynn; Giralda Forbes; Fort Ticonderoga Association; Margaret Franklin; Re. Franklin Cipher's; Charles E. Funk; Fire pumps; Gebelein (Silversmith); A. Hamilton Gibbs; Re. Gin; Golden Medleys; "Gourmet"; Re. Greenhouses; Angus M. Griffin; Re. Guns; Re. "Haiti" by Huge Cave; Hal Roach Studios, re. extension of "Captain Caution" rights; Robert Hale; Sophie Hammond; Arthur Hendrick; Re. Higgins motel case; Edwin J. Hipkiss; "Holiday" (Richard A. Field); Paul Hollister; John K. Hutchens ("NY Herald Tribune"); "I wanted To Write," fan letters; Re. Incinerators; Elmer H. Ingraham; Invitations; Jewelers; Kennebunkport Police Department; Donald E. Keyhoe; Re. Keys; Re. Kwan Yins; Horace Levinson; Fulton Lewis, Jr.; Library of Congress; Louis Inc.; G. Brinton Lucas; "Lydia Bailey"; Gordon P. MacDavitt, re. Franklin's ciphers; Maine, Department of Health & Welfare (Dean Fisher); Maine Turnpike Authority; Massachusetts Audubon Society, re. grosbeaks; H.A. McBride (National Gallery of Art); Ken McCormick (Doubleday); Maxwell McGavern; George S. McKearin; Jesse Merritt; Marjorie Mills; Nicholas Monsarrat; Karl E. Mosser; Anne Munro-Kerr; Museum of Fine Arts; Stephen Nason; John E.H. Nolan; Winifred Nerney; Newspaper clippings; Leigh Nisbet; R. "Nottingham Gallery"; Harold Ober; L. Ray Ogden; Neal O'Hara; "Oliver Wiswell"; Orders; Frederick Payne; Parker Gallery, London; Edward C. Parker; George Pattulo; Katherine Pediconi; Pennsylvania Historical Society; Penson & Company; Re. Pheasants; Pidgin English; Re. Colored postcards; Print Shop (Cameo Press); Public Record Office, London; Re. Pumps; "Reader's Digest"; Kitty Parsons Reccia, re. Jefferds' & Moulton's Taverns; Re. Regina; Kenneth Roberts; Re. Rogers' Rangers' muster rolls; Sherwood Rollins; Ernest L Ryall; Sanford, Florida, re. property; "Saturday Evening Post"; Re. Wilton Brush Saw; Sawtelle Brothers; Sculptor (Steven Searles); Severance Lodge (Harold Severance); Re. Shaneley's Cream Pie; R.E. Shaw; Re. Ships; Re. Shirley Mansion; Boston Shoemaker, Inc.; Re. Signs; Simon & Schuster, re. "Florida Loafing"; Raymond N. Skilton; Margaret Chase Smith; Society of Authors; John Sparks, re. Kwan Yins; State Street Trust Company, re. booklet "Copley Square"; F.H. Steinmetz; Vilhjalmur Stefansson; Stenographer; Woodbury Stevens; James B. Stewart; S.D. Sturgis, Jr.; Thank you notes; The Clements Library, re. Robert Roger and the name "Oregon"; Trimingham Brothers Ltd.; Earlston Tuzo; Mrs. James R. Ullman; University of New Hampshire; Dorothy Vaughan; Willard Wallace; Re. Water; Louis A. Webster; Weekly Sales Slips; Edgar S. Wheelan; J.U. Wiesendanger; Roger C. Williams; Ben Ames Williams, review; Wilton Brush Saw; "Yankee" Magazine; A.F. Yeager (University of New Hampshire)


  • October 1953-May 1954

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Part of the Rauner Library Archives and Manuscripts Repository

6065 Webster Hall
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