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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 35: Re. Antiques; Arundel Print Shop; Re. Asparagus; J. Sang..., May-December 1954

 Box: 79
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 35: Re. Antiques; Arundel Print Shop; Re. Asparagus; J. Sanger Attwill; George Augusta; Autograph seekers; W.A. Bancroft; Roger M. Batchelder; Bay State Nurseries (Donald Wyman); Miller Bedford; John Bell of Aberdeen; Birch Island Lodge & Cottages (Phil Harding); Re. Bird peppers; Re. Birds; Douglas M. Black; Verne Black; Re. Black flies; Re. Blood pressure; Alice D. Bond; George Borresen; Boston Public Library; Re. Lizzie Bourne; Brackett & Shaw; Ernest Brigham; Re. Elizabeth Browne; Elizabeth Bruce; Richard P. Butrick; John Campana; Re. Canadian bacon; Re. Cat's Eyes; Samuel Chamberlain; Howard I. Chapelle; Cherry Hill Nurseries; Robert B. Choate; Harold Christie; Clara Claasen; Re. Cough-Roberts line; Blanche C. Clough; Hal Coffman; W.A.R. Collins; Re. Compost; Copley Art Store; Re. Copyrights; "Cornell Daily Sun"; Cornell University (Arthur A. Allen); Cornell Widow; Arnaldo Cortesi; Burton M. Cross; Czech translator of "Lydia Bailey"; Duber & Pine Bookshop; Doubleday & Company, Inc.; Joy Dow; Re. Olin Downes; Coert DuBois; Robert L. Eichelberger; Werner Engell; Byron Fairchild; Fan letters: Muriel Smith, Mrs. Pierce Buckley, Janice Smith, Juanita Finch, McKee, Davie, Campbell, Klima, Mrs. Stephen Bishop, Quigg, Cox, Mrs. Edward Seiber, Ellingsworth; Orrell, Morris, Robt, Wood, Miskelly, O'Brien, Penny Bryant, Dean Bryant, Marco de Marco, Sears; Donald Fessenden, re. the dowser; S.S. Field; Fort Ticonderoga Museum; Francis Edwards Ltd.; Margaret Franklin; Melville C. Freeman; W.A. Freestone; Charles E. Funk; Game warden (Philip Mahany); Re. German translation of books; A. Hamilton Gibbs; Gin recipe; Re. Gout; Sydney Greenbie; Re. Guns; Robert Hale; Gus Hanson; Arthur Hawkins; Kenneth Higgins; G. Preston Hoff (du Pont); Mildred Hoyt; International Harvester Co.; Invitations; International Collectors Library (A. Milton Runyan); Re. Jack Paar; Stephen L. Jacobs; K.L. Jamieson; Jeweler Clifford Russell; Jordan Marsh Company (Jim Braim); Re. Journal of Mathias Ogden; Kennebunk High School, re. "Arundel"; Kennebunk Savings Bank, re. stand-pipe at Cape; Mrs. Atwater Kent; Re. Kil-Moe Insecticide; Alfred Kranes; Anna Kuhn; Re. Landing pier; Frederic Leake; Mrs. Edward Leh; Library of Congress; Lifer at Charlestown Prison, Charles Warren; James Macdonald, re. Ansolysen & Rauwolfia; Jack Mactaggart; John Marquand; Maryland Market; Massachusetts Civic League; Ken McCormick; K.N.B. McKenzie; William MacPherson, re. rare prints; Re. Melons; "Messers. William Pepperrell," review; Marjorie Mills; Stephen R. Morris; Richard C. Morrisson (art dealer); "Mr. District Attorney"; Stephen Nason; Neal O'Hara, column; Winifred Nerney; Alfred T. Nester; New York, New Haven & Hartford Railway; "New York Times," re. picture of Arnaldo Cortesi; Newspaper clippings; Leigh M. Nisbet; "Northwest Passage," re. Italian contract with Mondadori; Lantern League of the Old North Church; "Oliver Wiswell"; Orders; Organic Gardening & Farming Magazine; Ralph S. Palmer; John J. Parsons; George Pattullo; Katherine Pediconi, re. cat's eyes; John H.G. Pell; Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography; Penson & Co.; Joseph N. Pew; Portland Press Herald (Harold Boyle); Post Office Department, re. stamp for Fort Ticonderoga; Re. Post-hole digger; Re. Pownall Journal; Winthrop Pratt, Jr.; Public Record Office searcher (Margaret Franklin), re. Nottingham Galley; William Ratigan; Kenneth Roberts; Leland C. Roberts; Rocky Pastures; Kendall Rogers, re. Rogers' material; Re. Robert Rogers, rule for fighting; Dr. Crawford; John F. Royal; Clifford Russell; Clinton N. Rutan, re. Mathias Ogden Journal; Sanford, Florida, re. property; "Saturday Evening Post" (E.N. Brandt); Carl J. Schmidlapp; Steve Searles (sculptor); Mrs. Edward F. Seiber; Mrs. Vincent Sheean; Ship model makers; Re. Signs; Luise M. Sillcox; Richard L. Simon; Lawrence Smith, re. Argentine royalties; Society of Authors; London, re. Italian contract for "Northwest Passage"; Lincoln Spencer, re. Clough deed; Frederic Stearns; S.D. Sturgis; Summit Hall Turf Farm: Mrs. Boen Swinny; John Kuvent (tailor); Re. Booth Tarkington letters; Thank you letters; Edwin F. Thayer; The Authors Guild; "The Seventh Sense," re. Fay Emerson TV script and infringement of copyright; Armand Thibault; Charles Thompson; "Time" Magazine; Trader Vic; "Trending Into Maine"; Robert Uihlen; "Vermont Life" Magazine; Robinson Verrill; Elmer L. Ward; Charles L. Warren; Re. Water repellent paint; Curry Weatherby; Webber Hospital Association; Louis A. Webster; Herbert F. West; Roger C. Williams ("Portland Press Herald"); James Woodress, re. Tarkington letters; Donald D. Wyman (Bay State Nurseries)


  • May-December 1954

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