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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 36: Re. AEF Siberia; Agricultural Experiment Station, Durham..., December 1954-August 1955

 Box: 80
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 36: Re. AEF Siberia; Agricultural Experiment Station, Durham, NH; Re. Alexandrite cat's eyes; Antiques; George Akerson ("Boston Herald"); American Antiquarian Society (Clarence Brigham); Re. Arnold Benedict; Re. Arundel name; "The Atlantic Monthly," re. "Home From The Sea"; Re. Audio books; Re. Author's Agents; Re. Autographing books; Ralph L. Baggs; Clarence Bamberger; William A. Bancroft; E. Eugene Barker; Mrs. John D. Barry; John Baxter; Bay State Nurseries; W.B. Beatty; Miller Bedford; John Bell of Aberdeen; Re. Beloeil; Romeyn Berry; Ralph Billings (Lucas Tree Expert Co.); Re. Birch trees; Douglas M. Black (Doubleday & Co.), re. Knopf; Re. Black flies; Alton H. Blackington; Re. Boat model; Alice D. Bond ("Boston Herald"); Nelson Bond; "Boon Island"; Boston Public Library (John J. Connolly); Boston Athenaeum; "Boston Herald"; Re. Braille; E.N. Brandt ("Saturday Evening Post"); Re. Broiler; Bruce R. Brown; Mrs. H.M. Brown; K. Hattie Bruhner; J.G. Bullocke; Mrs. Albert C. Burrage; Mildred & Madeleine Burrage; Prescott Bush; Richard P. Butrick; Mrs. G. Colket Garner, re. Shirley Mansion; "Captain Caution"; Cat's-eyes, re. synthetic Alexandrites; Central Maine Power Company; Charvet (Paris); Frank R. Chase; Mrs. Robert Choate; Harold Christie; Clara Claasen; Phyllis Clough; Roland H. Cobb; Re. Admiral Lord Cochrane; Re. Half-dollar coins; Joseph T. Cole, re. Rocky Pasture house insurance; Charles Collingwood; W.A.R. Collins; Cornell University; Oscar Cox; Joe Cronin (Boston Red Sox); Re. Crottal (tweed); Re. Problem with crows; Department of State, re. Japanese edition of "Northwest Passage"; DeWolfe & Fiske Co.; Re. Diet; Doubleday & Company; Joy Dow; Coert DuBois; C. Harrison Dwight; William Dwyer (Real Estate); Re. Early American flasks and bottles; Robert L. Eichelberger; Re. Fairbanks Morse Pumps; Fan letters: Maynard, re. Arnold; Ray Ogden, re. "Trending in Maine"; Fan letters: Wolfe, Hill, O'Neil, Long, Hays, Gale, Plymouth, Church of Shaker Heights, Embleton, Granum, Campbell, Cole, Lasser, Hammer, Druilhet, Saulaitis, Scott, Williams, Barker, Shelton, Stear, Marion Bates, Dougherty; Mrs. Eliot Farley; Edith M. Faulstich, re. AEF Siberia; Carl G. Fisher (Miami Beach, 1926); Re. Early American glass flasks; Florsheim Shoe Shop; Artificial flower arrangements; Harry Foote; Ford Almanac; Fort Ticonderoga Museum; "Forty on the Emu"; Fox Lumber Company; Francis Edwards, Ltd., re. Lord Cocrane; Margaret Franklin; Franklin Publications, Inc.; Roy L. Gale; Re. Gaudy Dutch (Pen.) china; Re. Gaudy Welsh tea set; John A. Gayton; Gebelein Silversmiths Inc.; A. Hamilton Gibbs; Charles E. Gould, re. sale of gravel pit; "Gourmet"; Curt Gowdy; Waldor Greenhouses; Re. Greensand fertilizer; Re. Greenwich, England; Hazel Grouse; Winslow Grullemans; Robert Hale; Re. Mrs. Robert Hale; William Hanson; Philip S. Harding; David J. Harkness; Harold Ober Associates, re. "Home From The Sea"; Asa Harriman, re. his service in Gerrish's regiment; W.P.Hart; Harvard College Library; Arthur Hawkins; Christian A. Herter, re. Governor's Mansion; Ben Hibbs ("Saturday Evening Post"); Nan Hodgkins; "Home From The Sea"; "Horticulture," garden magazine; Robert West Howard; "I Wanted To Write"; Invitations; Malcolm Johnson; "Kennebunk Star"; "Kenneth Roberts Reader"; Re. Kentucky rifle; Joe Kindig Jr. & Son; George Kummer; Kwan Yin; Harold P. Lambert; Mrs. Edward Leh; Letters; Horace C. Levinson; Library of Congress; Mrs. Charles Lindbergh; Littleton Stamp Company; George Lord; Earle R. MacAusland ("Gourmet"); William J. MacPherson; State of Maine; Re. Map of Cape Arundel; Isaac F. Marcosson; MIT Librarian (W.N. Seaver); Alice Maynard; Ward S. Miller (University of Redlands); Ann Munro-Kerr; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, re. Kwan Yin; G. Stephen Nason, re. material for "Boon Island"; R.F. Nason; Re. Needlepoint pieces; Winifred Nerney; Newspaper clippings; "Northwest Passage"; Harold Ober; L. Ray Ogden; Neal O'Hara; Orders; George Parks; Parman-Lehman Packing Co.; Re. Patents; George Pattullo; Flavia Pediconi; John H.G. Pell; Penson & Company; Re. Perkins' Metallic Tractors; Lee Pfeiffer; Re. Pheasants; Richard H. Pough; "Rabble in Arms"; Re. Rabchik (Siberian game bird); Ranger Battalions Association; Re. Photo of "Regina"; "Reviews and Consequences"; Ribbons, Winder & Sons; Mrs. Vincent Rich; Kenneth Roberts; Rocky Pasture: Re. Major Robert Rogers; Sybil Rosenfeld; "Saturday Evening Post"; Hans M.F Schulman; W.N. Seaver; Second National Bank of Boston; Andrew Sherburn, re. his "Memoirs"; Re. Siberian Campaign; Re. Silver plate; Edmund Ware Smith (Ford Times); Philip C.F. Smith; Society of Authors; Lee Somers; Re. Price of spode platter; "Sports Illustrated"; St. Christopher, reprint; Re. Strawberry plants; John Strohm (Ford Almanac); Summit Hall Turf Farm; Swift & Company; Talking Books; B.R. Taylor; Re. Booth Tarkington letters; Re. Taxes; Thank you letters; The Forsts; Theater; Lowell Thomas; Jane N. Tibbets; "Time" Magazine; Oswald Train, re. "Lydia Bailey"; Re. "Trending Into Maine"; Trimingham Brothers Ltd.; J. Carroll Tucker; United Business Service; U.S. Department of Agriculture; Verrill, Dana, Walker, Philbrick & Whitehouse; Elmer Ward; Louis Van N. Washburn; Edward Weeks; Herbert F. West; Mr. & Mrs. Willing; Re. Willow trees; Harry Leon Wilson; "Woman's Day"; Donald D. Wyman; J.H. Wynkoop; A.F. Yeager; Re. Zoysia grass plugs; Michael Zweig


  • December 1954-August 1955

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