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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 39: Alexander J. Herbert; Annie Laurie Williams, Inc. (agent..., September 1956-May 1957

 Box: 83
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 39: Alexander J. Herbert; Annie Laurie Williams, Inc. (agent); Antiques; Appraisal of contents of Rocky Pasture with photographs; Re. Benedict Arnold; "Arundel"; Mr. & Mrs. Albert W. Atwood; F.O. Bailey & Company; John L. Baxter; John Bell of Aberdeen; "Biometrika," reprint; J.S. Bixler (Colby College); Re. Blueberries; Re. Book binding; "Boon Island"; Boston Public Library; Harry Botsford ("Philadelphia Daily News"); George Boughton (The Colony); Re. Donald Bryant; Re. Camp Disaster; Committee for the Arts and Sciences for Eisenhower (CASE); Re. Charcoal; Frank R. Chase; Re. Cheap editions; Re. Chi Psi; Robert B. Choate; Clara Claasen; William Bell Clark; Colby College, re. Highway Commission; A.C. Corcoran; "Cornell Alumni News" (H.A. Stevenson); Oscar Cox; Bill Cunningham; Dartmouth College Library; DeMott in "Oliver Wiswell"; Re. Charles Dickens; Doubleday & Company; Arthur W. DuBois, Jr.; Adam J. Eckert, re. his death; Mrs. Thomas Edrington; Robert L. Eichelberger; Dwight Eisenhower (The White House); Mrs. Russell Fairbanks; Fan letters: David Nutter, Tomlinson, Armsby, Lembree, Ferguson, Mrs. Mary Rodgers, Adkins, Cadmus, Staples, Henninger, Hill, Oxnard, Barr, Moore, Brown, Stratton, McVickery, Landrine, Dwight, Bradbury, Downing, Pleasants, Hallen, Taylor, Proctor, Kilpack; Farmer's Digest; Re. William Faulkner at the University of Virginia; Joseph E. Fields; Harold M. Florsheim; Re. "Foods of Old New England"; Harry T. Foote; Forest Service (State of Maine); Franklin Publications, Inc.; Roy L. Gale; Re. Geese; A. Hamilton Gibbs; Edwin T. Gibson; William D. Gilbertson, re. "Wandby" shipwreck; A.R. Glancy; "Gourmet"; Henry Gross; Victor J. Guenther, re. material for TV; Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, re. Calvin Hoffman; Robert Hale; Agnes Hale; Hugh Harley; Ralph Henderson; Henry Holt & Company (Gerald M. Simons), re. "The Green Dragon"; J.R. Hepler; Ralph Higgins; Robert W. Hill, re. Rebecca Nurse; Hoffman Calfin; Marie Houlihan; House of Falmouth, Inc.; Robert West Howard; Edward D. Ibbotsen; Invitations; Stephen L. Jacobs; Malcolm Johnson; Walt Kelly; "Kennebunk Star"; Kennebunkport, Maine; Donald E. Keyhoe; Otto Krueger; John O. LaGorce; Lawrence Smith; Re. Tobias Lear; Horace C. Levinson; Mrs. Thomas W. Libby; Theodore Lindorff; Little Brown & Co.; William Mahaney; Re. Maine Highway Commission; Re. Marlowe-Shakespeare authorship; Harry A. McBride; Ken McCormick, re. "Water Unlimited"; J.R Merrill; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Robert T. Monroe, re. Donald Bryant; Re. Moreau de St. Mery; Edmund S. Muskie; Stephen Nason; National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena; Eric P. Newman, re. counterfeit continental money; Newspaper clippings; Leigh M. Nisbet; "Northwest Passage"; "Oliver Wiswell"; Orders; George Pattullo; F.A. Pearson; Penson & Company; Perry Como; Henry Pleasants, Jr.; Re. Dehydrated potatoes; "Rabble in Arms"; William Ratigan; "Reader's Digest"; Re. General Alford Richardson; Kenneth Roberts; Richard Roberts, re. Stephen Nason; Rocky Pastures, glossy photo of interior house; William Rollins, re. Wyeth portrait; Royal Bermuda Yacht Club; A. Milton Runyon (Doubleday); Clinton N. Rutan, re. William Ogden Wheeler; Rutger's University Press; Re. "Salem Witch Trials"; "Saturday Evening Post" (Ben Hibbs); Robert J. Skinner; Gail C. Smith; Lawrence Smith; Society of Authors (Ann Munro-Kerr); James B. Spear; Charles R. Steedman; Denham Sutcliffe; Walter Buckingham Swan; Mrs. Boen Swinny; Re. Banastre Tarleton; Thank you notes; The Fortean Society; Re. "The Green Dragon" by Robert D. Bass; Tom Hill Ltd.; Uniforms; University of Maine; University of Wisconsin; Albert D. van Nostrand; Re. "A Treasure of Vermont Life"; George Wales; Howard Walter; Re. "Wandby," shipwreck; R.L. Ward; Re. Water Dowsing; Re. "Water Unlimited"; Samuel R. Webber; Louis A. Webster (Department of Agriculture); Weekly Sales Slips; Herbert F. West; Bond Wheelwright; Walter M. Whitehill; Mrs. Clyde L. Whitney; Roger C. Williams; Re. N.C. Wyeth, portrait of Grandma Tibbets


  • September 1956-May 1957

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