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Correspondence Books: Water Dowsing, Vol. 3: D. Ainsworth, map; G. Akerson, R.H. Alger; N.W. All..., May 1950-June 1951

 Box: 98
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Water Dowsing, Vol. 3: D. Ainsworth, map; G. Akerson, R.H. Alger; N.W. Allen; N.S. Ames; E.F. Amy; American Antiquarian Society; A.S. Anderson; D. Ashdown; F.O. Bailey Inc.; W.R. Barnhill; P. Barret ("True" Magazine); Bates College; R. Berry; B. Bingham; S.B. Binkowski; A.H. Blackington; H. Blakeslee; Alice D. Bond; Perry Bond; Park Breck; W. Bruce; Bucyrus-Erie Co.; "Business Outlook"; C.E. Campbell; H.K. Champlin; L. Chezem; Robert Choate; Sister Choate; F.H. Christie; Clare Claasen; C.R. Codman; R.P.T. Coffin; W.A.R. Collins; Mrs. E. Combs; Cornell Reunion Report; J.E. Courtney; F. Coutts (Northeastern Vermont Development Association); C.R. Coxe; Wingate Cram; G.P. Criswell; M.R. Cushing; Dartmouth College Library; H. Dean; V.C. DeLeon; Deming Company; H. Double; J. Dow; J.V. Downie; Dowsing cartoon; C. DuBois; F.C. Edminster; R. Eels; Mrs. Walter Ellis; P.A. Ernst; Evans, locating water for the Cushings; C.H. Favor; J.M. Feely; C.C. Fernald; J.E. Fields; M. Forejt; G.P. Gannett; J.W. Garms; A.H. Gibbs; E.P. Gibson; E.W. Goodwin; H.W. Gray; H. Gross; Ground Water Conservation and Development Bulletin; R. Groves; R. Hale; C.S. Hammond; E. Hansen; W.M. Harper; W.B. Hayward; R.R. Hebert; HGDR memorandum contract; S.B. Holden; P. Hollister; R.A. Honkala; R.W. Howard; A.H. Hunsiker; Ixnay (Nickerson); R.S. Jenkins; J.L. Jenks, Jr.; A. Johnson, Skinner & Sherman, Inc.; J. Johnson; Pyke Johnson, Jr.; Kennebunkport map; Keystone Driller Co.; Virginia Kirkus Bulletin; R.A. Laurence; J.A. Lautz; Dick Learned; W. Colston Leigh; H. Levinson; Heins Liepman; Chester E. Littlefiled; W. Livingston; S. Lovisek; J.S. MacNider; P. McCrum; McCulloch Motor Corp.; McWhinnie Water Well & Engineering Construction Ltd.; Mrs. D. Mahoney; T. Mahoney ("Biddeford Journal); Maine Dental Society (Dr. Gilley); Sabra P. Mallett; Mansfield Bleachery; J. Marquand; D.R. Marston; Middlesex County Extension Service; C.S. Mill; F. Miller; Eve Mills; Mount Washington Observatory (Dick Learned); F.B. Myers & Bros. Co.; H.H. Meyers; Newspaper clippings; "New Yorker," poem by Kaye Starbird; "New York Herald Tribune"; "New York Times"; V. Norton; Ohio Weslyan; Kilby P. Osborn; "Pageant," re. Rhine; Parapsychology Bulletin; J. Parsons; K. Pediconi; Evelyn N. Penrose; C.A. Perley; C. Phillips; K.A. Phillips; Photographs; D.H. Pope; W.E. Powers; Jency Price; Louise Putnam; Re. Radial Detection; Rh-Erythroblastosis Fetalis; J.B. Rhine; R.S. Richmond; W.J. Ricker; A. Percival Robertson; Anne Rollins; Sherwood Rollins; G. Rupp; J. Saleil; H.P. Sands; Saratoga Springs Authority; Warfield & Stephens Satterlee; Leona Huessy Savithes; C.M. Schmidt; Brooks Shepard; Mrs. Ed. R. Small; Mrs. Berkley Smith; D.R. Smith; H.E. Smith; S. Spurling (Headquarters Bermuda Base Command); C. Spurlock; J.L. Stanley; E.A. Stark; Statistics; K. Steichen; Grace Stewart; C.S. Sydnor; L. Templeton; Mrs. J. Thiele; L. Thomas; L. Towne; J.M. Trefethen; G.E. Trisler; Hl. Trott, water analysis; I. Van Doren; A.E. Verill; Gustav von Pohl; L. Walston; Water; "Water Unlimited Inc.," records; Water Well & Engineering Construction Ltd.; Weather Bureau, Mt. Washington; E. Weeks; A.H. Welch; Herbert F. West; Brooks Whitehouse; G.T. Whitla; N.K. Wiggin; Ben Ames Williams; R.C. Williams; S.T. Williamson; F. Willis; M.E. Wolfe; L.M. Woodworth; Yogi


  • May 1950-June 1951

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