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Correspondence Books: Water Dowsing, Vol. 7: American Water Works Service Company; H. Howard Arm..., August 1951-January 1952

 Box: 102
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Water Dowsing, Vol. 7: American Water Works Service Company; H. Howard Armstrong; Re. Arthritis (Dr. John W. Baker); Mrs. F.H. Bacque; John W. Baker; William E. Balcom, Jr. (dowser); Manly Banister; Roy N. Barnett; Herman B. Baruch; E.R. Batchelder (dowser); Bates College; A.H. Bell; Henry R. Bell; Bermuda; Ralph Billings; John M. Birely; Borderland Science Research Association; Joseph Brewer; Hugh A. Brown; Burnham & Morrill Company; Carl B. Butler; V.L. Cameron (dowser); J.W. Capelen (Oslo); Geraldine Carpenter; C.J. Carr; Re. Water for Casablanca; Mrs. B.W. Casselberry; Bennet Cerf; Re, Water consumed by chickens daily; Robert B. Choate; Christian Science Monitor; Clara Claasen; Edward F. Clarke; William H. Clark; John M. Clayton; William W. Coblentz; Re. Colloid chemistry; W.J. Crawford, Jr.; Kenneth E. Crouch; James A. Cullen (dowser); John Darnall; Christian Denzler; Jacob L. Devers; Doubleday & Company, Inc.; Joy Dow; Dowsing rod; Re. Sanderson Cyclone Drill; Dutchman; Caroline Eaton; Paul C. Eaton; Re. Elephants; Walter A. Erickson; W. Calvin Fallwell; Fan letters: Butler, Greenbie, Bruner, Hayes, Bosworth, Johnson, Mariechen Al-an', Hanna, Dr. Wynkoop; Clayton, Selwyn, Coleridge, Flook, Mead, Hansen, Baghy, Beeman, Loomis, Eaton, Wollaston, Young, Bower, Osterkamp, Greene, Lynn, Westwood, Greenwood, MacDuffie, Klees, Robertson, Schreyer, Armstrong, Strong, Folsom, Ileana Esfakis; Harry P. Farlow, re. gold mine; R.D. Fay; J.M. Ferguson, Donald Fessenden; Franklin L. Fisher; Richard B. Foster; Philip Fowler; Alfred M. Gebke, re. dowsing rod; General Motors; Mrs. Stanley Gerrish; Earl Goodwin (dowser); Sidney Greenbie; Henry Gross; Robert Hale; Jean G. Hamilton; Jean G. Hamilton; Jay and Marge Hanna; Richard V. Happel; Philip Heggen; H.H. Henshaw (dowser); John P. Hoadley (dowser); Hollis School; Robert West Howard; India; Invitations; Richard H. Keith (dowser); Kennebunk High School (Maynard C. Robinson); Meade Layne; Harold Lee; Horace Levinson; J.F. Liddon; Christoph U. Linder; Mrs. Frederick W. Longfellow; Battell Loomis; Re. Lost overcoat; Mrs. Lillian McLennan; Josiah Macy, Jr.; Thomas Martin; Kirtley Mather; Miss E.M. May; Mineral Dowsing; R.M. Moler, re. water for Casablanca; Delbert L. Moody; Carl W. Munson; Ann Munro-Kerr; National Cyclopedia of American Biography (Henry Gross biography); Charles Nearing (dowser); L.E. Neufer; Newspaper clippings; Harold Ober; Yvonne Odell; Oil dowsing; Charles Oliver, re. pendulum; Fritz E. Osterkamp; "Pageant"; William Pearce (dowser); Robert Pearmain; Re. Pendulum; Photon, Inc.; Walter Piston (Harvard University); Philip Plaistridge; Henry Pleasants; Re. Poverni apparatus; H. Frederick Pritchard; Henry K. Puharich; J.B. Rhine; Luther L. Richardson; Georgia Roberts; Sherwood Rollins; James Rorty; Joseph P. Sims; John B. Stearns; Mrs. Walter Stewart; Edward G. Stoddart; W. Stone (dowser); Mrs. C.H. Taggart; Armand Tedeschi (dowser); "The Captain's Well," poem; Frank A. Torrey (dowser); Joseph M. Trefethen; Marcel Triau; S.W. Tromp; J.R. Tufton; United Business Service; Frederick S. van Davelaar; A. van Tienhoven; George W. Wallace; Water dowsing; Re. Water dowsing device; William H. Watrous; Louis Webster (Station WEEI); Marvis E. Webster; Herman Wedgworth; Herbert F. West, re. Dr. Heyl; Horace Westwood; "Who's Who In America"; Roger C. Williams; Edward C. Wood; J.H. Wynkoop; ZNO


  • August 1951-January 1952

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