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Correspondence Books: Water Dowsing, Vol. 11: Joseph H. Abate; Paul Allen (Standard Oil Company)..., May-November 1953

 Box: 106
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Water Dowsing, Vol. 11: Joseph H. Abate; Paul Allen (Standard Oil Company); "American Scientist" Magazine; American Water Works Company; John E. Amorre; Analysis of Kenneth Roberts; J.F. y M Anda; L.A. Andrews; Weld Arnold; Re. Astrology; Morgan Baker (Station WEEI); Agnes Baron; Margaret F. Bartlett; Bates Manufacturing Company; A.H. Bell (British Society of Dowsers); Arthur Bergeron; Romeyn Berry; Biddeford Journal (Leo Joncas); Howard Birkett (dowser); Alton H. Blackington; Alice D. Bond; Borderland Science Research Associates, re. Cameron's Aurameter; Donald M. Boyer; Harold Braun, re. his dome; Smith Brooks (oil dowser); Jesse H. Buffum; Gaston Burridge; Verne L. Cameron; Campbell's Book Store; Roy Campbell; R.D. Carse (dowser); A.G.N. Chalmers; Alice M. Child; Robert B. Choate; Clara Claasen; Con Cleveland; George Coe; Jno. W. Cone (oil dowser); Oscar Cox; Samuel E.M. Crocker; Bill Cunningham; Francis Dahl; O.G. Davenport; William W. Davenport; Bill Donnelly (dowser); Joy Dow; Paul C. Eaton; Harry Eisner; Roy Evans; "The Pilot's Book of Everest"; Fan letters: Abate, Agner, Barrie, Bemis, Brennan, Conner, Cowing, Crocker, Cleveland, Crowell, Curtis, Darroch, Davenport, Davy, Dostie, Drennan,Fenn, Fisher, Glidden, Gordy, Hinrichs, Hislop, Hoover, Jung, Kimball, Kometer, Landfield, Lindenan, MacCormack, MacEwan, Manson,McCreary, McGinnis, Montgomery, Muir, Nelson, O'Connell, Orwig, Parks, Phelps, Pierce, Prudden, Rheam, Shedd, Simmons, Steiner, Stephens, Taylor, Thompson, Thurlwell, Ward, Weiss, Wells, Whitcombe, Wright; William C. Fitts; Mrs. William P. Gilbert; A.R. Glancy, Miss M.R. Glenn; Earl Goodwin; John Gould; Sydney Greenbie; Ruth H. Greenough; William Guild; Rudolf F. Haffenreffer; Robert Hale; R.R. Hebert; H.H. Henshaw; F.B. Heinrichs; Theodore Holden; Marie Houlahan, Julian S. Jacobs; Picture of Jacob's Well; W.N. Jardine; Jordan Marsh Co.; L. Jung; Kaiser-Franz Contest; H.J. Kaltenbacher; Frank King; Robert Kissling; Arthur Kometer; Charles W. Lavers; Horace Levinson; Austin Levy; Lost article; Josiah Macy, Jr.; Charles Manson; John Masterson; William Bruce McCreary; Howard A. Meyerhof; Charles S. Mill; Re. Minerals; C.L. Moore; Re. Moses; William Muir; Alan Nash; Leslie F. Nelson; Newspaper clippings; Re. Oil dowsing; One-sheet answers; Fred W. Parks; Re. Pendulum; Evelyn M. Penrose; Photography; Arthur W. Pierce; "Popular Science"; Porteous, Mitchell & Braun; Harry F. Porter; "Portland Press Herald"; J.W. Prince; "Radioisotopes"; Steve Riess; Mrs. Clayton Roberts; Rocky Pasture; J.R. Rodgers (dowser); Mrs. Newman Romero-Hermoso; Lloyd Rooke; Re. Water under the Sahara; Jose A. Salazar; Peter Sammartino; Harry P. Sands; Mrs. Philip Seibert; Sequoia Hospital; "Scientific American" Magazine; Brad Stephens; T.G. Stewart; H.O. Stockwell; Mrs. Carl Stone; Garrie Taylor; "The Farm Quarterly"; A.C. Titus; Re. Buried treasures; H.M. Tucker; United Business Service; University of New Hampshire; R.W.G. Vail; A. van Tienhoven; Water dowsing requests; Waynsburg College; Louis Webster; Harold P. White; Eastman Wilder; Fred R. Williams; Roger C. Williams; Bob Winner; George Woodworth, J.K. Wynkoop


  • May-November 1953

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