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Correspondence Books: Water Dowsing, Vol. 13: Joseph H. Abate; Paul Allen; "American Scientist" ..., August 1953-January 1954

 Box: 108
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Water Dowsing, Vol. 13: Joseph H. Abate; Paul Allen; "American Scientist" Magazine; H.H.C. Anderson; Applied Physics Laboratory; Associated Press (Earl Aronson); Mary Washington Ball; Barrows; A.H. Bell; M.A. Bernhard (dowser); Bermuda; Alton Hall Blackington; Donald M. Boyer; J. Harlen Bretz; T.H. Bumstead (dowser); Burnham School Well; Gaston Burrage; Verne L. Cameron; Ted Canning; R.D. Carse (dowser); Helene Carter; Edgar Cayce; A.G.N. Chalmers; Gladys M. Chambers (dowser); Alice M. Child; Katherine Choate, re. "Horticulture"; Robert B. Choate; Clara Claasen; "Cleveland Plan Dealer" (John C. Davis); Elden Cole (dowser); E.D. Collins; Chester L. Cook; John E. Cook; Re. Copper wire; "Cornell Alumni News"; "Cornell Engineer"; William Crocker, re. failure at Eleuthra; Daniel E. Crowley; Mrs. Harvey Cruikshank; Albert W. Currier; William M. Dawes; Delaware State Hospital; J. Raoul Desrosiers (Canadian dowser); Bradley Dewey; W.W. Doane; Wakefield Dort (geologist); Re. Joy Dow; Re. Eals; C.V. Elliott; Fan letters: Allen, Anderson, Balok, Barrett, Bernhard, Beye, Blickenstaff, Bothwell, Brentholtz, Albert Brill, Brock, Brown, Burns, Canning, Carter, Chambers, Cole, Collins, Cook, Covington, Gogwill, Crocker, Damon, Davis, Donnelly, Dudley, Dunbar, Eddison, Elliot, Ender, Ferris, Fish, Garten, Gordy, Hazard, Hehr, Henderson, Hong, Hunt, Kanzinger, Lande, Leathers, Lewis, Lund, Marks, Marsh, Mooney, Moore, Nash, Oerzen, Pady, Pairman, Palmer, Parker, Patton, Pereda, Petree, Porter, Pratt, Redmond, Richard Roberts, Roark, Roberts, Sandall, Stubus, Taylor, Vane, Vorbeck, Wagner, White, Whitmore, Whitten, Wilcox, Williams, Faye Emerson Show; S.S. Field; Elmer Fish; Mervin Fleming (dowser); Re. Flying saucers, Arlene Francis; M.O. Garten, Ghyben-Herzberg principle (Bradley Dewey);Roy Goldthwaite (dowser); Robert Hale; Arthur Hawkins ("Portland Free Herals"); Frederick H. Hehr; Ben Hibbs ("Saturday Evening Post"); C.G. Hoag; "Horticulture" Magazine; Marie Houlahan; R.L. Jacobs; Martha S. Johnson (dowser); "Journal of Geology," review of "7th Sense"; Re. Kennebunkport Consolidated Schools; J.W. Klapprich; George N. Kramer; Charles W. Lavers; Script of Lewis Meyer Variety Show; Robert Low; S.E. Mackey; Maine Maritime Academy; Stuart Maltin; Charles Manson; John S. Marks (neuro-psychiatric ward); Vernon Mason; John Masterson; Merrimade Inc.; W.P. Moore (oil dowser); Re. Moses; J.C. Mullinnix (dowser); "National Geographic Magazine"; "New York Times"; Newspaper clippings; Oil dowsing; Oregon Institute; Robert C. Pairman (dowser); Verne D. Patton; Martha Petree; Henry Pleasants; Influence of the planet Pluto; "Popular Science" Magazine; Harry F. Porter; "Portland Press Herald"; Pyrenees; J.B. Rhine; Steve Riess (dowser); C.R. Roseberry; John F. Royal; L.H. Sandall; "Saturday Evening Post"; William Scarlett; Harold Sherman; Franc Shor; Clifford J. Silva; Arthur Smith (dowser); Towson E. Smith (dowser); M.A. Tarumianz; R.W. Taylor; Armand Tedeschi; Televison; Thank you notes; A. Toenjes (dowser); Mrs. Ross Turner; University of New Hampshire, Department of Agriculture (L.A. Bevan); Water Analysis Reports; Requests for water dowsing; Wayside Garden s Co.; Well drillers; Fritz Wengraf; Fred White (Cameo Press), re. cost of printing "Seventh Sense"; White rabbits; Raymond White; Hayden Whiteside; Ray Willey (dowser); Frank E. Williams; Roger C. Williams; H. Curtis Wood; George Woodworth; "Yankee" Magazine


  • August 1953-January 1954

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