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SP4 Jeff Hinman and a platoon mate, 7/1/1969

Iconography 1668: Jeff Hinman Vietnam Conflict photographs and slides
 Item, Object: 182, Box: 2


Company D, 2/505th, 3rd Brigade, 92nd Airborne, would set up a base in this area that we called "Mosquite Hill". We found fresh bomb craters courtesy of the U.S. Air Force which gave us unique swimming holes. The next day an air force spotter plane fired a marking rocket into our company's perimeter of the hilltop. We ignited several smoke grenades to indicate that we were US. troops and to prevent an F-100 fighter/bomber from attacking us.; Location: Southwest of Saigon; photo by Platoon mate, name unknown, with my camera


  • 7/1/1969

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