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Infantrymen, Company D, 2/505th Infantry, 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, 7/1/1969

Iconography 1668: Jeff Hinman Vietnam Conflict photographs and slides
 Item, Object: 222, Box: 2


The soldier is scooping marijuana into a kool cigarette that had had the tobacco removed from it. The menthol in the kool's filter made smoking weed a bit easier. The brown bag in the GI's left hand was an empty gration food pouch that made a good baggie for the weed. THere were 2 or 3 men int he rifle platoon who regularly smoked dope. They would only get high in base camps when we were not oout on patrols or night ambushes. Marijuana could be bought almost anywhere. A lieutenant in the 25th infantry division bought 2 large stereo speakers at a PX, filled them with marijuana, and shipped it home.; Location: Patrol base on a tributary of the Saigon River, SW of Saigon; photo by Jeff Hinman '68


  • 7/1/1969

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