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Box: 87, 1958 - 1976

MS-1077: Willard Uphaus papers
 Box: 87


Contians 5” Reels: I Dave Robinson-WF (March 29, 1967); Mike Wallace Interview with Louis Wyman (Dec. 21, 1960); Uphaus Interview in Jail (Dec. 1959); Mike Wallace Interview with Willard Uphaus, WNTA-TV and Barry Gray (Dec. 1960); Statement of Faith by Uphaus to Gene Bruck at WBAI Studios (Jan. 16, 1961); A Discussion of the Church Occupation by the “Young Lords”-WOR FM (Feb. 1. 1970); Sharpsville Masacre-Lockman and Munsell (June 5, 1965); Templin (1966); US War Crimes in Vietnam-Prof. Shingo Shibata (undated); Florence Luscomb at WF and Chaplain Joseph Axelroth at NH University (1967); Ralph Buultjens-Politcal Trends in Asia (1969); Apartheid-WF (1966); Public Dialogue on Religion and Marxism-Community Church, Boston (Feb. 16, 1966); What is World Fellowship? (undated); Abe Brothman (undated); Rollo May: Will, Wish and Intentionality (undated); Florence Luscomb at Women’s Liberation Convention, Barnard College (March 1971); “Stop the B-1 Bomber” (1976); “Dialogue and Decision on Vietnam” WABC FM (July 2, 1965); World Peace Conference, New Dehli (1966); Flo Kennedy-Black Panthers (May 8, 1969); 7’ Reels: Willard Uphaus at Copley Church (1960); Uphaus Interview Part 1 (1960); Joe and Norma Starobin (1957); Sing (1956); Foner Tribute to E.G. Flynn and L.P. Smith (undated); Gladstone-South Africa (1966); Ricketts (1958); Miles H. Robinson (undated); Ackerly-McAmish (Aug. 6. 1967); Tribute to Willard and Ola Uphaus for Willard’s 80th Birthday and Paul Robeson (1970); Ann Braden at WF “Peace and Civil Rights (July 1966); Hy Lunner “The Middle East Crisis” (Aug. 8, 1967); Old Mr. World (undated); France (July 1957); E. Smulack Poetry (undated); Prof. Kenneth Mills at WF “The Third Wall” (Aug. 22, 1969); Weller Anniversary, Reel 1 (undated); Negro Speaker (1958); Brandeis University Kenneth Barkonan “Youth and Rebellion” (Aug. 10, 1968); Tetans-Germany and the World Crisis (Aug. 15, 1967); Norman Curins speaking at sales convention (1958); Brothman (Aug. 26 1967); Howard Parsons (undated); Frank Donner (July 6, 1968); Novaks (Aug. 13, 1967); Bernard Carfone (1968); Sidney Finkelstein “Marxism and the Arts” McLane (July 21, 1967)


  • 1958 - 1976

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