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The 3rd Annual John G. Kemeny Prize in Computing, 1971-05-14

MS-1412: John R. Scotford posters
 Item, Folder 11


Competition for the Third Annual John G. Kemeny Prize in Computing; The judging committee will consider separately two catagories of projects. Systems projects are those which have enhanced the facilities of the Dartmouth Time Sharing System available to the user community. Applications projectss are those which have utitlized the Dartmouth Time-Sharing System to advantage in areas other than computing per se. Entries in each catagory will be judged on the basis of significance of the contribution, presentation and organization of the work, techniques and elegance, documentation and manuals. A first prize of $100 and a second prize of $50 will be awarded in each catagory on 4 June 1971. All entries must include a letter of nomination from a faculty or a staff member. Each entry should include all project materials such as listings, documentation, and manuals presented appropriately. Prizw winning entries from previous years will not be considered. The deadline for submission of projects to the director of the Kiewitt Computation Center is Fridaym 14 May 1971; Deadline: May 14, 1971


  • 1971-05-14

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