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Attention! Penultimate announcement of Dartmouth's most amazing class "'38'S 35th Reunion", 1974-06-10 - 1974-06-11

MS-1412: John R. Scotford posters
 Item, Folder 11


This is the one we are going to celebrate with panache on the 10,11,12 June 1974, Mark those dates boldly and biggly on your new 1974 calendar; Intellectual Stimulation, see items 2,4,9,10 and 13 on schedule on back of sheet; Social Relaxation, Note events 3,4,5,7,11,14 and 19 on that same schedule; Cultural Edification at the Glee Club concert (35 lovely co-eds, count 'em 35); Athletic Competition, The Hanover Country Club and Storrs Pond and Pool await you; Auction Action, The Return of Whitey Mays and hundreds of amazing bargains, priceless antiques, obsolete merchandize and surplus treasures; Not unlike a 2nd Honeymoon that is if you spent your 1st honeymoon in Gile Streeter of Lord; All for the amazing price of $49 per person includes 2 breakfasts, 2 cocktail parties, Alumni Dinner, Class Picinic, and Class Banquet, and much much more (Our reuning tax is less by far than '39 and '40 are charging due to shrewed dealing and sharp trading by our leader, the Baron); Send your reunion reservations in today, use envelope enclosed; Nostalgia!; This broadside was prepared by that old softy John Scotford whose eyelids are still moise with nostalgia and anticipation; [On reverse side] The Amazing Dartmouth Class of 1938 will Celebrate its 35th Reunion with Panache 10,11,12 June 1974; Chairman: Carl F. von Pechmann, Committee: Mrs. James Bonnyman Jr., James A Cotter Jr., Robert C. Harvey, Whitford S. Mays Jr., Robert H. Ross, John R. Scotford Jr., Augustus R. Southworth Jr., Earl C. Ward; Schedule as it looks right now: Monday 10 June: 1. 10:00 amd through the day. Registration at dormitory. We will be housed in Gile, Streeter and Lord, 2. 12:00 noon Luncheon for Med School and Tuck School alumni in Stell Hall followed by a discussion with the Deans of those school in Kellogg Auditorium, 3. 5:00 pm Cocktail party at our tent, 4. 6:30 pm Alumni Dinner with the Classe of '39 and '40 at Thayer Hall, 5. 8:00 pm Informal visiting in the President's Garden. 6. 9:30 pm Glee Club Concert in Spaulding Auditorium, Hopkins Center. 7. 9:00pm to who knows when. The tent will be open with beer available and the '38 edition of the Barbary Coast will fill the still night with nostalgiv airs and other kinds; Tuesday 11 June: 8. 9:00 am Breakfast in our tent. 9. 10:00 am President Kemeny will addree the reuning classes in Spaulding. 10. 11:15 am Class business meeting. 11. 12:30 pm Class picnic at Storrs Pond in the same fine place we had it at our last reunion. Swimming in the pool or the pond. Shelter in case of hot sun or light showers. 12. 1:45 pm The Resurrection of the Amazing '38 Reunion Auction which was so much fun at our earlier reunions. More News will be coming your way about this extraordinary event. 13. 3:00 to 5:00 pm Dartmouth Today panel discussion in 105 Dartmouth Hall. 14. 6:00 pm Cocktail party on College Hall porch. 15. 7:00 pm Class Banquet in Thayer Hall. 16. 10:00 pm Back to our tent for more socializing, music and nostalgia; Wednesday 12 June: 17. 8:00 am Breakfast in our tent, 18. 9:45 am Memorial Service with the classe of '39 and '40. 19. 12:00 to noon Lunch in our tent followed by firm handshakes and lachrymose farewells; Earl Ward will be the receiver and storere of contributions to the auction. We will tell you later when and what we want. But then the time comes send it to Earl at 19 Allen Street. If you send it to his store on Main Street he'll sell it. Better mark it "'38 Reunion Auction" in big letters


  • 1974-06-10 - 1974-06-11

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