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James Wheelock letter

Mss 800575.1
Identifier: Mss 800575.1
Date(s): 1800-10-25
Scope and Contents

Two page letter from James Wheelock to John Wheelock with a memorandum of an agreement between James Wheelock and John Wheelock for the board of Jacob and Joseph Brant for one year.

John Wheelock letter

Mss 801301
Identifier: Mss 801301
Date(s): 1801-05-01
Scope and Contents

Letter from John Wheelock to Lord Dartmouth regarding 150 in Dartmouth, 11,800 Alumni. Quotes letter from Capt. Brant, alumus, chief of Six Nations, whose two sons are now at Moors School. Recommends Joseph Manored.

Joseph Brant Jr. letter

Mss 802115
Identifier: Mss 802115
Date(s): 1802-01-15

In English.

Joseph Brant letter

Mss 801159
Identifier: Mss 801159
Date(s): 1801-02-09
Scope and Contents

Three page letter from Joseph Brant of Grand River to J. Wheelock, tellig him of his great pleasure at the treatment of his sons at Hanover, and that they are being supported by the fund. His veneration for Eleazar Wheelock's memory, and c.