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Box: 1, 1860

 Box: 1
Part of Stefansson Mss-245: Edward Belcher notebook


Includes 1 Notebook: Sketch: Bayerd Cathedral, June 24, 1860 Sketch: Plymouth Sketch: Panoramic Scene of Renshaion, July 12, 1860 Sketch: Ocean View of Stafford, July 15, 1860 Sketch: Isle of Eigg Sketch: Distant View of Skye Sketch: Loch Caiskin, July 20, 1860 Sketch: The Storm Rocks-Skye, July 22, 1860 Sketch: Unidentified and unfinished mountain vista, 2 pages Sketch: Cape Wrath, July 26, 1860 Sketch: Portice Harbor Sketch: Partial sketch of Iceland homestead Narrative: List-entitled Birds then in Iceland August 1860, identifies 27 birds Narrative: Geological notations including Thingvalla, lava, layers, etc... Narrative: Description of bird wingcover, tail, head, eyes, feathers, etc. Narrative: Description of 3 hotsprings together-page full closely written Narrative: Description of Little Geyser and other geological terminology such as “strokr” Narrative: Discussion of “While in Langerfjall...” stokr, with measurements and direction Narrative: Mention of Langerfjall, Icelandic homestead and small diagram of mountain chain Narrative: some financial accounting for milk, money lent, Hals, Terry, Reykir, Frathi, etc. Narrative: diary entries for daily activities from Friday to Friday August 31- includes observations along cliffs, smoking, sulphur, moss, and references to earlier studies of the area in the 1830’s Narrative: more description diary entry for Sept.1, geological study Narrative: detailed description of a Gull- length, extent of wings, bill, throat, neck, head, etc. Narrative: Entitled Miltons Debts-next pages starts Thompsons debts Narrative: appears to be architectural description of large building with vault, nave Map: precise measurement map of area describing steam, geysers Map: precise measurement map of area describing Great Geyser Map: precise measurement map of area describing steam, perhaps geysers Map: precise birdseye map of Iceland with Geologic and geographic landmarks Map: another map identifying steaming holes, with other features such as “strokr” Map: Birdseye view of Langerfjell to glaciers with farm and plain with hay identified Map: Icelandic symbols or Runes Map: diagrams of architectural engineering including dimensions, examples of columns, angles, etc.


  • 1860

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