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Oral history interview with Jeffry J. Stein

Identifier: DOH-474


Jeffry J. Stein, Dartmouth College Class of 1966. Oral history interview documenting his experiences during the Vietnam War. Stein describes growing up in Great Neck, NY, during the Cold War. He discusses his undergraduate years at Dartmouth, including membership in Delta Upsilon; rowing crew; the social climate on campus prior to co-education; and a year spent in the Mountain and Winter Warfare unit of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps [ROTC]. He recounts memories of the Civil Rights Movement, including protests during George S. Wallace’s visit to campus. Stein discusses the draft and his opposition to the Vietnam War in detail, including the role that opposition played in his decision to pursue graduate education at Stanford University. He describes his eventual draft exemption and his impressions of the war over time, with particular emphasis on the fall of Saigon and the American withdrawal from Vietnam. Stein discusses his career in the film industry and his family life in Tennessee, as well as his relationship with Dartmouth as an alumnus.


  • 2016-01-29
  • 2016-02-05



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