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Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 38: Agricultural Experiment Station, Durham, NH; American An..., February-October 1956

 Box: 82
Identifier: 1
Part of ML-25: Kenneth Roberts papers


Correspondence Books: Letters, Vol. 38: Agricultural Experiment Station, Durham, NH; American Antiquarian Society (Clarence Brigham); AEF Siberia, re. Dr. Potter; American Jewish Committee, re. reference to "wandering Jew" in "Boon Island"; Annie Laurie Williams, Inc., re. movie rights for "Boon Island"; Antiques; Re. Benedict Arnold; "Arundel"; Associated Press; "Audubon Bird Guide"; Autograph requests; Hamilton Vaughan Bail; F.O. Company, Inc.; David A. Balch; Re. Clarence Bamberger; William A. Bancroft; John A. Barton, re. Robert Rogers mezzotints; John Baxter; Re. Boston Baked Beans; Jerome Beatty, Jr.; Vincent Bejtman; John Bell of Aberdeen; A.H. Bell (British Society of Dowsers); Richard A. Berenson; William P. Berger; George Bijur, re. Great Lakes-ism; Re. Bird peppers; Alton H. Blackington; Re. Caterpillars on blueberries; "Boon Island"; Boston Public Library; Richard N. Boulton; Charles P. Bradford; British Society of Dowsers (Col. Bell); Broadcast Music Inc., re. "The Book Parade"; Donald Bryant; "Captain Caution"; Carl Carmer; Helene Carter; Central Maine Power, Co.; Arthur W. Chapin; Chi Psi Fraternity; Mrs. Robert Choate (sister); Clara Claasen; William Bell Clark; Re. Clay 'balls' or 'bullets'; Mrs. Blanche E. Clough; Roland H. Cobb; Colby College; Donald Cole; "Collier's"; Collins Publishers (London); re. Fontana edition of "Arundel"; James R. Copeland; Country Cousin; Re. Mrs. George C. Cousens; Battle of Cowpens; Oscar Cox; H.S. Crocker Company, Inc.; Hartwell Daley; Dartmouth College, Baker Library; Douglas C. Doane; John Doherty; Doubleday & Company; Joy Dow; Dowsing; Coert DuBois; Re. Eagle; Robert L. Eichelberger; Re. Dwight Eisenhower; Faden's map of the Revolution; Fan letters: Jackson, Griffin, Mosley, McKee, Robbins, Hamilton Bail, Short, Mott, Goethe, Lambert, Nason, Luhrs, Gray, Justice Fellows, Ernst, Cheney, Hamilton, Harmon & Ware, Nutter, Gnau, Wentworth, Bonner, Shannon, Ibbotson, Perry, Clark, Graul, Tower, Eldridge, Dr. Potter, Waxter, Gorrill, Reynolds, MacGlashan, Livermore, Curry, Nichols, Harb, Judell, Bijur, Newman, Bolte, Gosnell, Curry, Preston, Sturgis, Niessen, Wright, Lord; Helen G. Farley; Re. William Faulkner; Re. Fort No. 4 Associates; Lester Fox; Franklin Publications, re. publication of Persian translation of "Captain Caution"; Re. Freesias; Game Warden (Philip Mahany); Gerald G. Garcelon; Re. Genealogy; A. Hamilton Gibbs; C.M. Goethe; Ruth Gordon; H. Allen Gosnell, re. Battle of Cowpens; Charles E. Gould; Natalie Greenberg; Robert Hale; Mrs. Robert Hale; David J. Harkness; Ralph Henderson; Ben Hibbs ("Saturday Evening Post"); Calvin Hoffman; Houghton Mifflin Co.; J. Klahr Huddle; Edward D. Ibbotson; Re. "I Wanted To Write"; Invitations; Iron Works; Italy; Wilbur R. Jacobs; Russell L. Keene; Kennebunk High School; Kennebunk, Maine; Re. Kenneth Roberts' Literary Society; Re. The word 'Kiddo'; Jerry Korn; R. Richard Lally; Harold Lambert; Edward C. Lathem (Dartmouth College); Frederic Leake; Library of Congress; L.S. Lingenfelter; Little, Brown & Co.; "Lively Lady"; Battell Loomis; George Lord, re. Seashore property; Re. George Horace Lorimer; Louisburg Expedition in 1745; Grace Lynch; Hanford MacNider; Philip Mahany; Marine Historical Association (Mystic, Conn.); Re. Marrowbone; Kenneth McArdle; Harry A. McBride; Ken McCormick (Doubleday & Co.); K.N.B. McKenzie; MD Publications Inc., re. "Boon Island"; Donald H. Miller; Robert T. Monroe, re. Donald Bryant; Nicholas Monsarrat, re. "The Tribe That Lost Its Head"; Jacob Mosser; Marjorie Mosser; Re. Mummy Club; Stephen Nason; Re. Needlepoint pieces; New England Baptist Hospital, re. Dr. Lahey; New Hampshire, Department of Agriculture; "New York Times"; Newspaper clippings; Harry R. Nicholas; "Northwest Passage"; David G. Nutter; Re. Ogden Journal; "Oliver Wiswell"; Orders; Paper money in the American Colonies; John J. Parsons; Donald Partridge; Patents & copyrights; George Pattullo; F.A. Pearson; Penson & Company; Pic Films, Inc. (Vincent Bejtman), re. "Boon Island"; "Portland Press Herald"; Charles Johnson Post; Richard H. Pough; Purple and Gold (Chi Psi Magazine); "Rabble in Arms," re. Merrill family; Charles Rawlings, re. marrow bones; "Reader's Digest"; Republican Committee; Ribbons, Winder & Sons, Ltd.; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Kenneth Roberts; Rocky Pasture; Re. Major Robert Rogers; John F. Royal; Clinton N. Rutan, re. Ogden Journal; Re. Juan Hill; Re. "Sanctuary" by William Faulkner; "Saturday Evening Post" (Ben Hibbs); Science Park Museum, Boston; Re. "Search for Bridey Murphy"; Re. Seashore property; Re. William Shakespeare; Re. General William Smallwood; Lawrence Smith; Mrs. Ralph L. Smith; Society of Authors; Mollie Somerville; Tea, re. Hu-Kwa; Television; TV Guide; Thank you notes; "The Seventh Sense", ad; Robert P. Turner; University of New Hampshire; U.S. Foreign Service; Dorothy Vaughan, review of "Boon Island"; Verrill, Dana, Walker, Philbrick & Whitehouse; R.L. Ward; Wayside Gardens Co.; Carl J. Weber, re. Col, Samuel Osgood; Weekly Sales Slips; Nelson E. Wentworth; Della White; Re. Whitebait; Roger C. Williams; Re. Willows; Herman Wouk; A.F. Yeager


  • February-October 1956

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